Hi all,

I recently came across this website and am lucky to have located a practitioner in the UK who I may be able to work with. I am 6 weeks postpartum and, about 3 weeks ago, I noticed my urethra was bulging out. At first I thought it was just swelling but then I looked it up and realised it isn't. I went to the doctor - have been twice now- and they said I have a mild cystocele but never mentioned my urethra at all. I have my 6 week post natal check up coming up tomorrow so will ask about it again. As far as i can see - over the last few weeks it seems to be dropping further, getting worse - and I am now able to ever so slightly see my cystocele too.
I feel devastated. I was so looking forward to being able to carry my darling boy in the sling and dance with him. I love to dance and move and am feeling really cut off from these things I enjoy so much just now with no idea when I will be able to enjoy them again.
I had a long labour and was in the 2nd stage, so pushing, for 5 hours which is how I think this happened. I am 33 and healthy and usually strong, although I am hypermobile. I have an appointment with a women's physio in January and am really keen to get started on the healing journey as I am so afraid about how this will affect my relationship and experience with our son and my relationship with my partner too, as well as my life!
I feel like every time I pick our son up I make it worse and am afraid to move, although I am taking short walks. It hurts though (in my perinium) to walk or stand for too long. The doctor says I don't have uterine or rectum prolapse, just cystocele (and my urethra).
So, I am wondering if anyone has experience with the prolapsed urethra as well as cystocele? And has this well women programme worked for you?
Many thanks!

Hello hopeful108 and welcome,
There has been much discussion about these and many other postpartum issues here on the forum. Just type in some key words in the search box to find them.
The solution for these issues is always the same, and that is the the whole woman work. Christine has many videos and materials just for the postpartum ladies. Have a good look around on this site.

Hi hopeful....Everything you've described sounds very normal for post-partum recovery. In Whole Woman posture, holding your baby is actually beneficial because when the organs are held forward, the extra weight helps to flatten and close off the vaginal space against the intruding organs. As you heal, especially as you learn to live in the posture, you will find the bladder and urethra going back into proper alignment; but it takes some time and patience, and mindfulness. Whole Woman posture is actually just the same posture all children have, including us when we were little and had not yet been brainwashed into pulling our tummies in tight! Please do continue to check out the information here. - Surviving

Thank you Surviving,

Your post is reassuring. I went for my 6 week post natal check up yesterday and the doctor seemed to think that my Urethra isn't prolapsed but just swollen. Do you, or does anyone, know about this or have experience with it and know how long it can take for the swelling to go down? She seemed very sure it isn't prolapsed. I have asked to be referred to a Urologist anyway for another opinion but the waiting time is a few months so it will be a while...hopefully in which time, the swelling will go down.

The doctor wants me to take antibiotics for the swelling but I am not keen so trying alternatives first and will use antibiotics as a last resort. I'd like to know it really is just swollen first (as opposed to prolapsed) as don't want to take antibiotics unnecessarily, especially while breastfeeding.

Where can I find information about the whole woman posture? I have watched a couple videos but haven't seen anything clear - just pointers to buy the products.

The doctor also said my cystocele is mild so I feel a bit more hopeful now about recovery.

Any more information gratefully received!

Many thanks!

Antibiotics are grossly overprescribed, and their use is often totally inappropriate. If you haven't been diagnosed with a bacterial infection (which would have been easy enough for your doctor to test you for), then you are wise to steer clear of that......swollen tissues at 6 weeks PP don't call for that kind of an assault. I realize you are concerned, but in truth you are experiencing a pretty normal recovery and I can't see where you need a urologist either, but given the wait time, go ahead and make the appointment if doing so eases your mind. If you are looking for an inexpensive intro to the WW posture, then the Fundamentals would be a good place to start:


I would give anything to have had this wisdom when I was post-partum, a quarter-century ago! You are in an enviable position to set yourself on the right course now. I know you don't feel "lucky" but you are. Get started! - Surviving

Thank you for your reply, Surviving. I will check out the fundamentals. I've found a practitioner near me too so have arranged an appointment. Best wishes!

That is terrific! Check back and let us know how things are going. - Surviving

I dealing with the same issue, I think! What did you find out? Thanks

Hopeful108, I have just posted another comment on the thread about urethral caruncle. I think it sounds similar. My symptoms have improved dramatically and quickly with the exercises, posture and honey!