Pelvic Bones Clicking


I had my 4th baby 3.5 weeks ago, a beautiful little girl! This is my 2nd baby since my prolapse.
Thank God, the birth went very well, but I have a recovery question.

During my pregnancies, my pelvic bones click or "crack," like cracking knuckles, especially when I roll over in bed. I was told this is normal due to the pregnancy hormones loosening the ligaments in the area. After my past births, everything went back to normal right away, but this time I am still clicking and cracking 3.5 weeks after birth.
Is this normal or do I need to see a chiropractor? Are there any exercises I can do now to improve it?

Also, how soon after birth can I start doing the exercises on the First Aid for Prolapse DVD again?

Thank you!

Welcome Mommyly,

Congratulations on the birth of your fourth beautiful baby!

I would like to introduce you to the idea of the “self-locking pelvis”. This is what happens when you are weight-loaded from above (sitting upright or standing) with full lumbar curvature. All the ligaments of the pelvis are “wound-up”, creating a solid, sturdy, and stable platform from which the upper body rises.

Conversely, when you slouch or lie back on a couch (tucking your tailbone), the pelvis becomes unwound and less stable.

During the last days or weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s head moves into the pelvis. In order to do so, the sacrum must move up and out, flattening the lumbar spine and unwinding the pelvic ligaments. During the birth process, the opposite happens - once the baby’s head and shoulders have moved through the pelvic inlet, the tailbone lifts to create room for the baby to move out the other end.

So imagine how expanded the pelvis itself is after birth (the pelvis isn’t one bone, but 3 bones and six moveable joints). In the “counternutated” position of late pregnancy, the front of the pubic bones are widened, which can cause a lot of discomfort after delivery if they continue to bear weight in that widened position. The solution to postpartum pubic pain is WW posture, which pushes the pubic bones together into their natural alignment.

I have no way of knowing what the clicking is, but making sure your pelvis stays in its natural alignment as much as possible is important no matter what. When your body is getting what it needs, it tends not to send subconscious signals to your brain, so you stop worrying about little clicks, cracks, etc.

As far as exercise, I think you have to use your best judgment. I remember my family being amazed that I was out in the yard playing frisbee a week after the birth of my first child. It just depends on your overall constitution. You’re almost a month out, so I would think you’d be able to do that workout with no problem. I would give firebreathing and any other “stomach vacuum” kind of exercises another few weeks, so you don’t start to bleed again.

Enjoy your beautiful family…how fortunate you are!

:-) Christine

I think you must consult with your doctor. But you can also change your pillow. This will give you comfort.