Fear of pregnancy with prolapse


Hi there!

I am new to this forum and to the Whole Woman community! A little background information about myself- I gave birth 2 years ago to a little girl. She was 9lbs and 23cm. It was a long delivery and I pushed on my back for 4 hours. My cervix prolapsed after my daughter was delivered but it eventually went back into it's natural position. I was examined 6 weeks postpartum and everything seemed quite normal. I returned to running regularly, using weights, and doing workouts around 4 months after having my daughter. Everything seemed to be fine down there until about 6 months ago (a year and a half postpartum) when I felt the sudden heaviness in my vagina. My GP sent me to a urogynecologist, and she diagnosed me with a stage 1 cystocele. Her advice was for me to perform 100 kegels a day, and that she couldn't do anything for me until I knew I was done having my family. Surgery was suggested 6 months after having another baby.

I have wanted to have another baby for over a year now. I have had 3 miscarriages since having my daughter and have started taking some natural progesterone. I feel like my heart is ready for another baby although I am terrified about being pregnant with a cystocele. I am currently seeing a PT and again, I am being asked to perform kegel exercises and I don't feel any different. I walk around all day and can feel my bladder in my vagina. How is that going to look during pregnancy? Delivery? Postpartum?

I need some hope. I need to know that pregnancy is possible with a prolapse.

Thank you for listening :)

Hi mazzystar and welcome,
Many of our moms that have prolapse come here and tell us about repeat pregnancy and birth with no problems. Put some key words in the search box so you can read these wonderful accounts from these ladies.
You will find that as your pregnancy advances, your uterus will only move farther into the lower belly where it belongs, and that during birth, your organs will move out of the way.
This would also be a great time to start looking into the Whole Woman work, because it can only help you even more through this process. You will find lots of information for postpartum moms here as well.

Thanks so much Aging Gracefully!

Hi mazzystar11,
My family is older now, however I developed rectocele during my second pregnancy and had that baby and my third, my biggest 9lb 3oz baby with no problem.

Christine has great information for new mums and the posture as foundation is where you can begin.
Walking in the posture is exercise in itself as is sitting with the strength of our torso & not reclining into furniture.
The exercises you can add later, remembering that the posture is fundamental and the basis for everything we do as we go about our day. Christine has some amazing programs that help us back to our original shape, flexibility and posture.

Wishing you all the best,

Aussie Soul Sister

And forget those kegels. Christine has written much about how they basically just aggravate the situation by pulling the organs in the wrong direction. I'm a living example of the futility of kegeling, as I did it dutifully for decades and just ended up with prolapse. Glad you have found us! - Surviving

Thank you Aussie Soul Sister and Surviving60!