Newly diagnosed


Hello im 27 yrs old and only this morning oct.13,16 i was diagnosed with prolapsed uterus.The story is my partner told me he felt something inside me like pimple so i check my self inserted my index finger and im shocked i felt my uterus im sure its my uterus i was so terrified i cried and so worried,even my partner does.early in the morning i went to the doctor it was my first time to be checked by gynaecologist.and confirm its my uterus going down on my vagina its in the middle already coz i can reach it by my finger.Im afraid about my future plan pregnancy,the doctor told me i need to do the pelvic exercise.pls guide me.i dont know what to im so preoccupied with my new issue i have a chance to get back to normal?vaginal pessaries here in kuwait is not available

Hi Jel and welcome. I'm a little confused because a prolapsed organ would not feel like a pimple. A pimple is a little bitty bump. If your uterus is prolapsing you will feel the cervix which is a muscular organ that you can work your finger all the way around. Just because you can reach this does not necessarily mean it is prolapsing, especially if you don't feel any heaviness there. I think your doc may be scaring you a little......and "pelvic exercises" are really not the answer anyway, so it's good you are here.

Even a young woman who has had no kids yet can experience prolapse, and certain things can contribute (such as a history of constipation, and heavy exercise of the type that works the abs and "core"). It might be good for you to watch this:

And, have a look around the site. I know you are scared and panicked, we have all been there. But doctors aren't any help with this. Learn about WW posture and with any luck you can keep this from escalating. Don't be afraid. - Surviving

Thank you for the reply,just my partner describe it as a pimple coz he dont know uterus looks or feels like.its possitive i have prolapse coz its so near i can touch it easily unlike having problem with my posture also.its hard for me to maintain good posture.

Now i dont like to move too much now coz im afraid it will lapse more and is it life time i will have this?is it so hard for pregnancy coz the uterus is so near out of vagina?i really dont know what to do scared of my future life.

Hi Jel - I can only repeat my suggestion, that you take a look around the Whole Woman site and start to get an understanding of what we mean by posture. What is often put forth as correct posture, actually contributes to prolapse, not to mention hip issues. If the cervix is close to the opening, but not protruding, then this is certainly the time to start working on this. Once you start, you'll soon realize that much can be accomplished, that you need not live in fear, and that future pregnancies can indeed be managed. Get going and ask your questions as you go. - Surviving

Hi Jel,
I have the severely prolapsed uterus and can really understand the initial fear and not wanting to move, but once you start to wrap your head around this work, you will start to lose that fear. Taking control of your own body can be very empowering, and with the help of Christine's work you can get to that good place.
The whole woman posture is the main key here. It is the natural way we should have been holding ourselves since childhood.
Also, many of our moms here on the forum have come back to tell us that they have had repeated pregnancy and births very successfully with prolapse, as the organs move into the lower belly more as the pregnancy proceeds.
So, there is no better time than now to start this very important work. You will learn so much about yourself that you didn't know before. It is amazing!