Is there a link between sciatica and vaginal prolapse?


I have had 2 babies within a year of each other and have suffered with sciatica which I am getting acupuncture for after several other treatments. My youngest child is 5 months old and this is the second time I can see something prolapsing at the entrance to my vagina. I haven't been to the doctors yet but I will be making an appointment soon. The prolapse seems to be about a cm into my vagina and is like 2 horizontal pieces or plates of skin. Is this my cervix? Or walls of my vagina? After the first baby when I had sex for the first time it felt as if an inner seperate tube inside me was moving freely as if it wasn't attached to me anymore. Could this be causing the sciatica too if things aren't where they should be? Thanks for reading

Hi Krys077 and welcome,
I haven't heard of a correlation between the sciatica and prolapse. I think they are just happening all at the same time considering that our hips, muscles, and tendons do get a bit of stretching and then going back to normal after having a baby. I do remember getting sciatica pain all during my twenties while I was having my babies, but didn't have prolapse issues that I knew of anyway. The sciatic pain actually went away on its own by the time I got into my thirties.
I am sure people even have sciatic issues without having had babies or prolapse, probably because their bodies are out of proper alignment. The whole woman posture and fabulous stretching and strengthening exercises would probably help a lot in this area, as well as for prolapse.
Have a good look around on this site and the whole woman store. Christine has tons of great material for our postpartum moms out there.

Thanks so much for your speedy reply I will have a browse around the site at the posture and exercises too. I feel so upset at the thought of the prolapse as my partner and I have an active sex life and I feel as if I have caused this by resuming it too quickly after the second baby as we only waited 2 weeks but my body felt ready whereas with my first child it took 6 weeks. Will having sex make the prolapse issue worse or help tone things up? I really don't want surgery unless absolutely necessary.

Sex is a great way of getting your pelvic organs moving in the right direction, so as long as you are ready to resume it and not having other issues, then you should be fine.

That's put my mind at ease I was so worried thanks again