Hello everyone. I am 29 years old and am new to the site. I had my first baby at age 22 without any complications after. My son is 11 weeks old and I was DX with cystocele 8 weeks after he was born. I went to my gyno because I had no idea what was wrong. She did confirm cystocele sent me home to do kegels for 6 weeks. I noticed about 2 days ago I have a bulge in the back as well.. I am assuming this is a rectocele. At this point I'm not sure what I should do or if there is even anything I can do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone...

Hi motherof2 and welcome to Whole Woman. Hopefully you have spent some time looking around the website and forum, and have a rough idea of what this work is about? If not - please start by watching this:

What you have is extremely common - I too have cystocele and rectocele and have been managing them quite effectively for over 6 years with this postural work. I did kegels for decades after my kids were born, and I can assure you they don't help and can only aggravate things. My goodness, if kegels worked, we would have wiped prolapse off the map by now! Instead, it is on the rise. So ditch the kegels and start learning about this return to our natural spinal shape where the pelvic organs are held forward over the pubic bones through gravity, belly breathing, and natural posture. It is essential for the health of our spine and hips as we age - prolapse is just one issue of many. You are young and in a great position to turn this around. I didn't start until after menopause and even I have experienced an astounding change. So don't wait. Start reading and ask your questions here. - Surviving