postpartum with prolapse


5 weeks PP but my story goes back a few years. I'll try and keep it short!
Pregnancy #1 - was at age 22. I was newly married and we decided not to continue with the pregnancy. A decision I will regret for the rest of my life.
Pregnancy #2- was at age 24. I had a perfect pregnancy with no complications and I was on the go the whole time. Delivered a beautiful baby girl who is now 2 1/2. Recovering was not a problem and I was out for walks early with her.
Pregnancy #3 - came unexpected when I was only 10 months PP from #2. It was an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured along with a ruptured ovarian cyst. Doctors at the Emergency mistook it for a miscarriage and send me home. That nearly cost me my life. I lost 2/3 of my blood, even after a blood transfusion. My surgeon saved my life. I was left with 2 scares from the laparoscopy incisions and a bigger incision very low down. My insides where a mess and that is why he had to cut me open. Recovering from the surgery went very well.
Pregnancy #4 - occurred 8 months after and I had a pretty good pregnancy. Apart from having a small hemorrhage in early stages that resolved. I did feel more tired during this pregnancy. Alot of housework and playing with my toddler. The delivery went well 10 h with 5 min pushing and i delivered a baby girl who was 7 lbs 11.
A few days PP I noticed a bulged in my vaginal opening. My gyno confirmed that I had a rectocele. A few days later it was going back inside and that is when I noticed my front wall by the entrance as well. My gyno confirmed that I had a stage 1-2 cyctocele a stage 1 uterine prolapse and a very mild rectocele. I did wear a belly bandit after leaving the hospital and took it off 2 weeks later as I was worried. I am currently seeing a Physio Therapist since 3 w PP and am now 5 weeks PP. I do notice in the morning that it has gone inside but an h later it is back. Me and my husband did try resuming sex again and there was no pain.

I've read alot of great stories on this website of how plenty of PP mom's have managed their prolapse to the better. I know I could be one of them, I just don't know how to help improve my symptoms.
I would appreciate all advices I could get.

Hi Hopesgiving and welcome,
You have made the the first best start by finding this site and reading some of the other postpartum mom's stories. You will find that being only 5 weeks postpartum into a 2 year healing period isn't a long time, and that over time most of your symptoms should go away on their own, but the Whole woman work is a great way to help you along and better understand what you are going through. Plus, the whole woman posture is for a lifetime.
I suggest you start with the Saving the whole woman book and First Aid for Prolapse dvd. Although there are also really great bundles in the store for the postpartum mom's that are just wonderful and so full of everything you need to know at this stage in your life.
Best wishes to you.

Thanks for the advice Aging gracefully. It feel good to know things will get better. It's just upsetting not being able to look after my kids the same way I used to. I'm curious to know when I will be able to resume some activity and take better care of my little ones. Also would it be a good idea to wear a pessary while healing within these two years?

In general, pessaries hold the vagina open which in turn can hinder the process of natural healing; while whole woman posture, our natural posture, closes the vagina into a flattened tube as it should be, preventing our pelvic organs from escaping in the first place.
Once you have wrapped your head around what the posture is and what Christine work means to all of us, you will start to lose that fear. Picking up your kids in strong whole woman posture actually helps protect your pelvic organs, which is what women have been doing for centuries until we were misguided into this westernized suck and tuck mentality that we now live in.
So the more you learn about your natural form and what it should be, the better you will feel overall.

I'll place an order on them today. Thank you for your advice :-)

Walking does wonders! I have running but when my sister had her baby we took her for walks almost everyday. My sister weighs about 120 before she got pregnant. Before giving birth she weighs 240. I felt awful for her but I told her she was still the most beautiful big sister:) in about 4 months she dropped all of the baby weight now she's bak to herself! Not all women will lose it that quick but walking really helped a lot!

How are you feeling now? Thanks!