What is the ONE thing that helps you most


Hi everyone,

I have been off being a mommy the past few months and have been doing pretty well. I am approaching the 1 year pp mark and will make another post about my progress at that time. For now, I am struggling with life balance and haven't had time to do any WW exercising. I LOVED the way they made me feel when I did them, but right now I barely have time to sleep with work and kids and household. So, my question is: what is the ONE thing that you remind yourself to do on a daily basis? Specifically. Of course posture, but what is it about the posture? Is it "plant feet", or "pull up head" or "don't slouch"? I am trying to find little things that I can do to improve even though I have zero time. I feel like I have mastered the posture while standing still, but I fall out of it when I am moving and sitting with my kids. I don't want to become passive about my healing even though I am always distracted. So right now I am managing my bowels with diet and supplements, I am in WW posture while standing, I use honey daily, and I avoid things that cause symptoms. But, I must say that I am still worried that I am not doing enough, and I'm afraid that I'm getting too cocky and will make things worse by lifting my kids or being too active- mainly because my uterus has dropped since discovering the initial POP. So, let me hear your tricks! How do you maintain when life in hectic?

Thanks so much!!
Sunshine and Rain

Relax belly was always the hardest for me, but I think you can remind yourself of any of the elements of posture at any given time. That's how we can keep the mantra going in our heads and remembering for our bodies.
I just love the exercises; they give me such an all over body strengthening and stretching I don't normally get without them. But, if you are short of time, just bend over jiggle and do some firebreathing randomly throughout the day; or get down on hands and forearms with butt in the air, or even in child pose while you are on the floor with the kids anyway.
This reminds me about a conversation I recently had with my daughter. She told me that she still has a slight diastisis recti, so I pulled out my Goddess Belly DVD to loan to her, and ended up looking at it again. This one really is a great review for the postpartum moms.

My mantra always had to be "relax belly, lift chest" probably well into my second year. Eventually that part of it does become automatic, but you do have to teach yourself to carry that thought at a certain level of consciousness as you go throughout your day, whatever that day might throw your way. It can be done! - Surviving

I knew something was going awry and last week had confirmation of 'global' prolapse from my GP with the assurance that surgery would sort me out. Meanwhile, I was to apply estrogen cream and have a pessary fitted. She said these measures wouldn't work but that the consultant would wish her to try them on me first. The Universe then smiled on me, and via a beloved friend, I was recommended 'Saving the Whole Woman'. Very much wishing there were classes here in the far South West of Cornwall but I'm hoping the videos will be almost as good. I am so heartened and looking forward to reading stories of women who continue to live fulfilling lives.

Hi Poldhu and welcome to Whole Woman! You are indeed fortunate to find us here, before spending too much time messing around with doctors' recommendations for prolapse.......useless at best, harmful at worst. Your friend is indeed a dear one.

Christine gives us everything we need. Give your all to the process, and have patience and faith in your body. If you decide you need some one-on-one help at some point, there is a growing network of practitioners (more being certified this week!!), available by Skype if you can't get to one in person. Keep us posted! - Surviving

Hi Sunshine and Rain,
I have been doing this for a while, however like steering a car there is an element of correction which is ongoing.
Remember that in posture while walking, standing and sitting holding the weight of your upper body is exercise in itself. Getting up from sitting on a chair strengthens the thighs which in turn helps with toileting the WW way.

If you can sit with your children on the floor or a firm piece of wide enough furniture, and you can do it cross legged like the children naturally do that is great exercise as well. Your children do the posture naturally, so get them to remind you!
If you can be barefooted at home and the children as well that is so good for your feet, balance and grounding and your posture!

The one thing that I remind myself of quite often is to keep the chin slightly tucked - it is so easy to look down at books or screens/ phones / while feeding a baby and get a sore neck and upper back. I hold things up higher like holding the song sheets while singing in a choir.

As you do the posture over time you will adopt a certain grounded stance where the strong foundation is your feet - I also often stand on toes to reach things and walk around the kitchen and if squatting down to a cupboard or wiping the floor I do it on toes.

Seeing other people slouch is a great reminder for me to do the opposite. I am usually the only one in a room full of people who sits with WWP. Walking with feet parallel when others are walking like ducks with their heads held forward looking down is also a reminder.

The benefits you will discover happening to your body over time if you are consistent with reminding yourself kindly, will encourage you to keep going and your body will remind when and where you need to adjust.

This is more than just one thing,
but I hope this helps,
All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

Thank you for your warm welcome. I forgot to say that I am 57 and post menopausal. A new way of life is being introduceed. New posture, re-training cellular memory after years of pulling my stomach in. Its been a couple of weeks now since the beginning of my new life and I'm feeling clearer in my mind and have begun to practice the posture, breathing and exercises. However, come the evening I do have pain in my lower back. Not sure if this is from adopting a new posture or from the prolapse itself, especially severe after a day at work. Time will tell. Thank you for the information on Skype sessions. Love you all you strong way-showing women out there.

If the evening back pain is a new thing since you started the WW work, then it is probably just your body getting used to the change.....maybe you are trying to force the lumbar curvature. It will take care of itself if you relax your belly and lift your chest, and eventually you will have a stronger shoulder girdle to support the posture, especially if you are exercising regularly. But there's no need to overdo. Enjoy! - Surviving