Pregnant with prolapse


Hi it has recently become apparent that I have some degree (grade 1-2) of prolapse, possible cyst and rect. My lg turned 2 last week and I am 11 weeks pregnant with my second. I feel embarrassed that I didn't realise sooner: my periods returned after 10 months and I had a heavier flow than before and issues keeping tampons in. I thought it was just post baby normality. Then I switched to a menstrual cup - and in some aspects it was amazing and in others it highlighted the issue: when I wore my daughter in the sling/sitting in certain positions it would come right down. Then i investigated - and found something 'extra' which I must say freaked me out. Just to complicate matters I have recently moved to Spain (my husband is Spanish) and I don't have good Spanish yet. I saw a Gp on a trip back to the uk - but pretty quickly I trellised that unless I had a grade 3 she wasn't interested. She examined me (on my back) and said she couldn't feel anything, which I was not surprised at as at that time lying on my back was totally asymptomatic. Just to put into the mix that I am/was a Physiotherapist (albeit not woman's health) and Pilates instructor. Reading Saving The Whole Woman has shaken my understanding (in s good way) to the core (pardon the pun). My brain is so entrenched in what I believed to be true before I don't know how I can continue in my professions until I get my head around the new reality. If I know (now from personal experience) that what I was teaching before was erroneous I cannot continue to teach it. That's fine at the moment as I am not yet able to work in Spain and then will be nurturing my second baby: but what happens after that? I digress though: what presses on my mind is that I learnt so much amazing stuff about natural
Birthing for my first baby that I was ultra relaxed and prepared. I was all set for a home water birth with a doula, but then after 2 weeks post due date I agreed to gentle induction; eventually progressing to breaking of waters/drip etc she came into the world 18 days post due date. I felt empowered in many ways: no pain relief/ gas/air etc BUT after full dilation my request to respect any 'rest and be thankful stage' was overturned and I ended up on my back, 2hrs 10 of pushing with no s actual urge to push followed by a reluctant episiotomy and ventouse. Where I had no fear before this time I'm fearful. I'm scared. Especially being in a different country with a medicalised view of child birth. And with prolapse. I need to get my inner belief of the naturalness of birth back. Any help/advice gratefully received. Apologies for the essay!

Hi NP and welcome to WW. I remember well how Christine's explanation of anatomy and prolapse resonated with me the minute I found this site; and the lightbulb moments continued as I got further and further into this work, because once you do it, the truth becomes self-evident. Professionals in the exercise field usually have a much harder time wrapping their brains around all this, understandably, as it does call into question so many of the things they have learned and spent their lives teaching to others. Christine has a great series of yoga DVD's, and once you get through this next baby, and have the posture nailed and your own prolapse stabilized, and other aspects of your life have fallen into place, there's no reason you can't swap out some of the bad Pilates moves for safer ones, and incorporate proper posture into your teachings.

I hope that you can have the birth experience that you want. Find out whatever you can about your doctor's expectations for the birth, and make your own wishes known. Baby #2 often comes a lot faster than #1 (mine sure did) so with any luck, you'll be able to do it your way without as much intervention as last time. But don't be afraid. Prolapse itself tends to get out of the way for birth, and once it's over with, your new understanding of posture and prolapse that you didn't have the first time around, will make all the difference in the world to your post-partum days. Have faith in your body! - Surviving

Thank you for your words and understanding. I found them very useful and finally started to feel more confident about my labour. I'm sorry to have taken so long to pass on my thanks: sadly we have lost our baby at nearly 18 weeks. We will be continuing in our aim to add to our family and the positivity I can find in this awful situation is that I can continue to help my prolapses before getting pregnant again. NP

I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss, NP. Sending you the very best wishes and hopes for achieving your family goals. You will find eventually that prolapse is such a small thing compared to everything else! Do work on posture while recovering from this loss because I think it will enhance your physical and emotional well-being right now. Stay strong and confident. - Surviving