Honey and condoms


Let me introduce my self! I am 8 wks pp and have been sort of diagnosed at 4wks pp by my Obgyn with cystocele, when I asked about my uterus he said well yeah it's low, but...he believes because I am young and this has most likely happened from childbirth that I will heal and I should just give it time. I must add I don't have any incontinence which is a great thing.
So, sorry if it is somewhere! On the forums already but I just can't seem to find it! I have been too afraid as of yet for sex and I have been using honey for the dryness for about 4 days and see a major improvement, even though I don't feel like I am getting it all that high into my vagina. With that said I DO NOT want to get pregnant ever again! I DO NOT want to be on birth control and I have very sensitive skin and am NOT excited to go back to condoms but as of now there is no other option.

SO Is the honey safe to use with latex condoms?? I saw on here somewhere about using honey as a lubricant so that's great but is it safe??

If it isnt safe...Any recommendations on what lube is best for a sensitive PP POP healing Vag??

I have been learning a lot and have been trying my best with the posture while going about my crazy days. Thanks so much in advance.

Hi Ellelinc,
Aussie Soul Sister had talked about using the honey as a lubricant for sex, and I think she may have used condoms as well, but can't find the thread where she was talking about it.
As far as when to have sex again, that is entirely up to you and how you feel. Don't rush into it if you aren't feeling healed enough or ready. There are certainly other things you and hubby can do until then.

Hi Dear Ellelinc1216,

During the year after my periods stopped (menopause), when I needed to avoid any however remote chance of pregnancy, I did use only honey to help with lubrication.

I like coconut oil as well and can use both now, if I need to but have no need for condoms anymore. I wasn't prepared to take the risk with any oil with a condom as I couldn't find any information on coconut oil's corrosive potential on condoms.

I never liked the commercial lubricants as they stung, probably the ipisiotomy scars.... I tried a fruit based one many years ago. Perhaps now there are more natural and friendlier commercial water based lubricants available.
I agree with Aging that there are other ways to be intimate until you are ready.

Aussie Soul Sister

P.S. I made sure that the honey was applied vaginally, and dissolved, so that there was enough lubrication generated by vaginal fluid to ensure comfort. I can't source any information as to whether any natural substance like honey or coconut oil are compatible with condoms. I took the risk, however for me the risk was minimal.
Maybe someone with a chemistry background can add further to this discussion.
Sorry I can't be of more help.
A. Soul Sister

Hello. I decided to use manuka honey to help my severely itchiness on the outside of my vagina. I did this before I found this forum. My question is this; can the honey cause me to get a period? I haven't had a period in about a year, yet as soon as I used the honey I started spotting. I am 50 years old. It never got worse than spotting, but lasted a few days. Anyone know if this is possible? Also, will the honey help with the itching? It's due to nothing but overly sensitive skin. Thank you in advance.

I haven't heard of any correlation between using honey and it causing periods.
The itchiness you are having could also be fungal. Christine has talked about using vinegar and then honey over a period of time. That seems to help the best in most situations.
Also, just as a reminder, you don't have to use the expensive manuka honey, because raw local honey really does do the trick.

I know it's not fungal. I have been diagnosed with dermatitis, which basically means the doctors have no clue why my skin itches. I have battled this condition for a long time, however it moved to my vaginal area about ten years ago and has progressively gotten worse over the years.

Hi Horselover,
There are a lot of discussions and suggestions for itchiness on the forum, from dietary changes, eliminating certain skin products, etc. Well worth having a look around; you may find something that clicks with you.

Horselover, you mentioned the itching is on the outside of the vagina, but make sure you are putting the honey high up inside for maximum benefit. All menopausal women can benefit greatly from this. I totally agree with AG - you need to look at your diet and other factors. For example, my husband was relieved of decades of skin rashes and irritations when he cleaned up his diet at age 60+ - Surviving