Hi yesse,
Here is the prolapse self exam which comes directly out of the Saving the Whole Woman book:

It takes up to two years for a woman to actually heal from having a baby, so starting this work now will only help you along. Christine has much information for our postpartum moms in the store. Getting the postpartum bundle is a great value, because it has the Saving the Whole Woman book, First Aid for Prolapse, and the postpartum DVDs.

Thank you

It could be your cervix by your description. Can you feel all the way around it? The cervix is firm most of the time. If is it coming from the front wall it would be a cystocele which is spongy and soft as well as the rectocele coming from back wall.
In any case, whatever is prolapsing will be addressed the same with the whole woman work. The goal is to get your pelvic organs pulled into the lower belly with the whole woman posture. There they will be pinned in by intrabdominal pressure from our natural breathing.
You will learn all this when you start to study this work.