Horrible Pressure in Vagina after Sex while Pregnant


Hello all, I will try to make this short...and maybe some of yall can make it sweeter by helping me understand what may be going on.

My history with prolapse: Looking back I had many early signs of prolapse before even knowing. I remember suddenly intercourse felt tight and wasn't as enjoyable, felt like something was in the way fo my husbands man part. I visited several doctors, none diagnosed me with anything. One OB even told me I probably just wasnt having sex correctly...haha!! Anyway, after spending alot of money (that we didnt have to spend) on doctors I gave up. That tightness during intercourse continued to come and go. I cut out coffee and smokeless tobacco from my diet...for some reason that helped some. But sex continued to be not as enjoyable for my husband or I.

About a year later I got pregnant with our firstborn. At around 10 weeks pregnant I began to feel horrible pressure in my vagina after intercourse. It felt like there was a bowling ball in my vagina and it was trying to come out. The only thing that makes the pain subside is laying down for the remainder of the day. If I was up on my feet, I felt this pressure for the next 6 to 8 hourse. No Dr. has been able to help me figure this out. I would say 7 out of every 10 times I had sex the awful pressure would happen. This continued through out my pregnancy, and I could never track if there was something I was doing during sex, or doing in my life that was causing it. In my third trimester I began to notice my anus hurting very badly when sitting down for five minutes or more. My husband discovered that my bladder was prolapsing after seeing it bulging through the side of my vaginal wall. So after self diagnosing myself with bladder prolapse, I figured that the anal pain was probably a side effect of rectal prolapse. But I am still unsure of this...does anyone know if this is so?

After giving birth to my boy, thankfully the pressure after sex stopped. Now I am pregnant with our second child, at 9 weeks pregnant I bagan having the same pressure in my vagina after sex. Has anyone else experienced this? I am wondering if this is related to prolapse? Is there anything I can do to prevent this? It doesnt hurt during sex at all...just afterwards. Also does anyone know about the anal pain while sitting? I assume this is related to prolapse as well. I feel alot of pressure in my anus and sometimes when I stand up I feel like I literally feel my anus dropping down, or dropping out of place an inch in my bottom. Anyone know anything about this?

Thank you all in advance for your support! Much love to you all my fellow prolapsed strong and beautiful women!!

Hi Happy and welcome. Some of our post-partum moms may have some good personal experience to recount. For now, I will just say that your best bet for relieving the pressure and pain in both areas is to get into WW posture and learn to use it at all times - standing, moving, sitting, lifting, always. It takes time and practice but eventually becomes automatic. This keeps the organs held forward pinned over the pubic bones, and takes the pressure off from where you are feeling it. Also, sometimes prolapse does require a little experimentation with sexual positions. Take a look around and see what Whole Woman is all about. Every woman at every stage of life needs to be doing this. - Surviving

Thank you so much for your encouragement! Silly me, I forgot to tell of my Whole Woman experience. Two months after my firstborn was born I was told about Whole Woman...been reading this forum consistently since then and also bought Whole Woman book and work out DVDS. Been working out with the DVD's and working diligently to make the posture my lifestyle...also eating better and staying less stressed for sure helps! I finally decided to write a post of my own with my questions because I havent been able to find any info on here yet about the pain after sex...or rectal pressure.

Hi Happy,

I am a new member, but your thread caught my eye. Before I knew I had anything wrong with my pelvic health, I had this symptom during pregnancy as well (the pressure after sex). It was bizarre. I told my midwives and they were puzzled. Thought maybe it was something to do with circulation problems that can occur during pregnancy. I still don't know what it is although I sometimes experience it during menstruation as well.