Totally devasted



I am 30 years old and have just had my 2nd baby 6 weeks ago. My first born is now 2 years old and about 8 weeks pp I noticed something wasn't right and was diagnosed with a mild bladder prolapse. After physio and when he turned one and I stopped breastfeeding things seemed to be ok. I found it extremely hard though as I used to be a big gym going and had to stop this and took up swimming, power walking and your yoga but thankfully was able to still loose my baby weight.

With my 2nd pregnancy at about 20 weeks I noticed dragging and that uncomfortable feeling again so went bk to physio and then just advised pelvic floor exercises. Straight after birth I thought everything was but at 2 weeks I knew things weren't right and were a lot worse than before. I went to see 2 docs and they said my bladder had prolapsed again but I thought my bowel had too as going to the toilet was unbareable. I wasn't convinced so paid private to see a specialist and she told me my bladder was a grade 2 prolapse and that I had a grade 3 bowel prolapse. She wants to me continue physio and go back in 3 months when she will examine me again and discuss surgery options which she will only do after 6 months and if I don't want anymore kids. I feel so young for this to be happening to me and really don't want to have to decide if I don't want more kids now but at the same time I can't live with this physical feeling 24/7. The specialist said she thinks exercises will reduce the prolapses to grades 1&2 but having a grade 3 scares me to death.

I am very body conscious and having extra weight makes me so low. I have been doing a stationary exercise bike but it feels like it's getting worse could this be making it worse. I just can't do nothing though. I want to start swimming next week and tried walking but could feel it so bad. That makes me really down too as I lost all my weight power walking before because I had to give up the gym.

Sorry this is such a long post I just want to cover everything.

Do u think I can be making it worse by doing the bike?

Also I am so scared about sex in the future and feel it's really going to affect my marriage. I feel everything has been turned upside down and instead of enjoying my new baby I am so fed up and lonely.

The doctors also told me to avoid lifting but how can I with a new baby and a toddler who is a large stocky boy and also will this make it worse?

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated and finally what is best to buy to start with from the store?

Hi Daybyday,
Biking does not make prolapse worse, but not living in posture does. Your body needs two years to heal from having a baby, and if you start doing the whole woman work now, you will have a lifetime of benefit.
Stay away from knife happy doctors; that is not the solution for prolapse.
The best thing to get form the store is the postpartum bundle, but if finances don't allow, get the Whole Woman book and First Aid for Prolapse DVD. You can slowly add the postpartum videos in later.
So, take a deep breath and give lots of hugs to your baby. You can do this!

Post partum prolapse, alongside pelvic organ prolapse, is very common. Fortunately the WW approach is a genuinely positive treatment option for women with pop.
It is & becomes a ay of ife. The WW posture is central to this approach, & there is a whole lot more women can do to help themselves & improve their symptoms. It's a practical holistic approach. It takes engagement with this approach, time & patience. However the WW approach is especially designed for pop. There is no other comprehensive treatment around anywhere to my knowledge.
Start engaging with this approach today. There are lots of tubes, loads of info on this site, (blog, previous posts, library…), courses, classes & sessions women can stream on-line, or buy physical cd's,dvd's or the book. If/when possible it can be extremely helpful to visit a WW practitioner. Go armed with your questions & concerns. Make the most of the sessions. For observation & exercises nothing beats a 1:1. Christine Kent, the goddess of this approach is available for consultations too. There is a lot available for women now. Start where you can & gradually increase your resources if/when you need to.
Diet, posture & toiling are 3 corner-stones of this approach. That may be a good place to start to look into.
Best wishes,