Cystocele 10 weeks post partum


Hi looking to see if anyone can offer me advice. I am 10 weeks post partum. I was referred to physical therapy for what my doctor described as lax vaginal walls. However I am able to see a small bulge at the opening of my vagina about the size of a grape. I also have difficulty when walking I feel like i need to pee all the time. However when I'm sitting or lying down this feeling disappears. It's almost as if I'm jarring my bladder as I walk. I also have heaviness and the feeling of a tampon being stuck. I had a big baby delivered by ventouse. Is it likely to get better on its own by following advice from pt and starting the posture. Is there anyone who had similar symptoms and these improved? Is there anyone post partum that has healed? I want to be as proactive as possible can anyone offer me any further advice. Thank you in advance. Also what grade of cystocele does this sound like ? X

Hi Alba11

I also had a ventouse delivery and while it does not help your pelivc regions at all, the information on this site will.

I do also get the feeling of needing to pee when lying down (rather than standing like you). I have noticed this as I have developed more of a cyctocele. I have been working on my WW posture for a while and it has taken me time to get it right (2 years). When it is right, things are so much better (not how it was pre-prolapse but much improved). When I get it wrong, things get worse and I become quite symptomatic.

If you can get some resources (to better understand this work) and get started you can find you improve significantly and may not notice things much. I have most of the resources as I needed them to get my head around the posture. Many people may need less materials. I think it took me a bit to really connect with my body as I was holding a lot of physical tension (WW posture is very fluid and requires relaxation and a different strength than the holding on tense version I had). Sorry if my description is not vague but it's something I have really just got a handle on lately.

There is a self exam link on the home page. My cystocele sounds the same as yours and I call that a grade 2 but I don't worry about the grade as such, although I would have when I first found out.

All the best for your WW journey. You will be able to tell with your body and symptoms how spot on Christine is with everything. I can't imagine where I would be without this work. I wish I could take my prolapse away and never have had it but I don't ever wish I could take away my WW knowledge as it is very empowering.


Hi Alba11,

I'm sorry you are experiencing this- it is the worst right at the beginning, psychologically at least! I am still in the beginning of my ww journey (7 months) but do want to offer what I can. Do the self exam and see what you think, my cyst is similar and I believe mine is a 2. I do think there are women who's cystoceles have healed. A lot of people say they had one, and it 'went away'. Whether that means it actually resolved or the symptoms just went away, no one can say. There are some days where I don't feel my cyst at all, where I feel completely normal for a time, but it is still there- just no symptoms. In my mind, if I can feel that way most of the time then I am 'healed', even if the cyst is still there. That is my goal- and it definitely takes work! Its probably best to start taking in as much of this ww stuff as you can, and not focus so much on it going away because as you move through this, it may get so much better that it doesn't matter whether you technically have a cyst or not. Read the book first, look around this site, and be gentle with yourself so as not to make it worse. It is a journey for sure, but I am so glad that these resources are here for us, so use them!