Painful urethrocele post pregnancy


HI there,

I am 5 months post pregnancy. I have a urethrocele that is quite painful. It hurst to wipe and to have intercourse. It burns when irritated. I feel like intercourse pulls it out more.

I have had a cystocele after my last pregnancy but it did heal. That never hurt me though. My midwife checked me and she couldn't feel any prolapse except for seeing the urethrocele. She says it is at the door of the vagina but no signs of a cystocele anymore.

I need some encouragement that a urethrocele can also heal in time. Have any of you had success with it? I am feeling quite discouraged and am wondering if our love life will ever be the same again.

Thank you so much for your time in answering.

Hi mommaof6,
There has been much discussion about urethroceles here on the forum; just put it in the search box to find them. From what I have read on here, it is something that does heal over time, especially considering you are only into 5 months of a two year healing period postpartum.
So take a deep breath and have a good read around from our most knowledgeable postpartum ladies as they have given a lot of insightful advice on the subject.

Thank you. I did do that, but didn't see much info on it being healed. I'll do some more searching. :) I guess I will only know in time.

Can anyone tell me why it hurts so badly? Also, I am having some incontinence also and the area around it seems to burn. Is this from the urine?

The healing of a PP urethrocele is a matter of time, and some effort on your part, to learn to live in Whole Woman posture. Every baby changes our body, and we really can't tell much by what happened previously. So deal with each day - you have about a year and a half of PP healing left ahead of you, and if you work on posture, you should come out of this in good shape. I can't really give you any other suggestions but we have lots of PP moms here who will hopefully see your post and respond. - Surviving

I also have a urethrocele (cyst & rect too), and found it to be the most irritating in the beginning. I have had all those symptoms and it is true that it just takes time. I've been working on my prolapses for almost 7 months now (with lots of trial and error) and they seem to be doing pretty well at the moment. Intercourse has been difficult for me too, and didn't feel good even at 5 months pp. It seemed like a long time to wait but now at 8 months pp it is starting to feel better. Incontinence has stopped as well. I do have discomfort after sex because of my other prolapses, but no urethra pain. My urethrocele is smaller, but hasn't healed and I don't think it will ever heal fully, but as long as I don't have any symptoms it doesn't really matter! Honey completely removed the burning sensation after using it for a few weeks. I also started using a nice diaper rash ointment externally which really helped external irritation. With a urethrocele it is extremely important not to apply any unnecessary pressure to the area, like tight pants, jeans, certain sitting positions, etc. You need to be gentle with it, pat instead of wipe, and don't allow any friction except for sex! Change underwear often and don't use harsh soaps. This coupled with whole woman posture and exercises has eliminated by urethra troubles! Hope this helps and best of luck to you!