New Pain/Symptoms


Hello all,

I am now 7 months PP. I have been managing my rect/cyst quite well, and right now only experience the bulgy sensation and burning vulva. What's got me concerned is for the past 2 weeks or so, I've had a burning sensation in my lower abdomen as well. It feels firey. Right above my pubic bone and spanning to my hips. I also have groin/inner thigh pain. These symptoms worry me. Has anyone else had this? And what did it mean for you? I am afraid my uterus is prolapsing (or worse!). I can tell my cervix is low when I insert honey, like 2 inches from the opening most of the time, but I have no idea what is normal for someone in my situation. Admitedly I am afraid!

Thanks for reading-
S & R

Hi sunshine and rain,
Not sure where all this burning is coming from, but if it is something that is really bothering you, you may want to go in and get checked out.

I can tell you that I have a severely prolapsed uterus and I didn't experience any of the symptoms you describe as it was prolapsing. In fact, I didn't even realize it was so bad until I found my cervix sticking out, so rest assured that probably isn't happening.

I did have some initial vaginal burning and a sore rubbing feeling inside that was annoying, but not intense. Honey and dedication to the work made that go away.

So you may want to get a check up if these symptoms persist.