Prolapse on 'Call the Midwife' on PBS


Tonight on the PBS program 'Call the Midwife' Season 5 (takes place in 1961 in east London in a poor neighborhood), where midwives deliver babies. The program tonight was about an older woman who was having problems with prolapse, but she had told no one and had no idea what was wrong with her. She was examined by the doctor and told she had Prolapse of the womb. The woman was so surprised! The doctor said she could have surgery to take care of the problem. I was amazed as I just heard about prolapse last year!!

I'd advise watching this program if you can see it online on PBS.


Oh, great.....more bad advice being broadcast to the masses. Thanks PILady - Surviving

Having just discovered Whole Woman a couple a days ago the prolapsed womb stood out as I have been down that road... I was a reminder of how far we have come yet are still back there in many ways concerning women.

This is the first episode I've watched, and it seems like a very well-done series. But how sad for women, that they have portrayed surgery as such a magical quick fix for prolapse and incontinence. Folks, all we can do is keep trying to get our message out. Big medicine, big pharma, and the media throw every obstacle they can into our path. But in this Internet age, there is no reason for women not to find us, if they look. We did!! - Surviving

I love this show, but this particular episode really annoyed me, because the medical field hasn't progressed at all from this time period, in fact, it has probably gotten worse.