Prolonged periods?


Haven't been here for awhile, but have a new "symptom." My youngest just turned 2 a couple weeks ago and my last two periods/cycles were different than normal. My period came back about a year ago and my cycles were averaging about 26 days with about 3-5 days of bleeding. Light to normal flow.

Then something changed and my last two cycles have been about 6 weeks long with about two weeks of bleeding. Basically spotting with one or two days of normal bleeding with clots. This last period was about 2.5 weeks and ended a couple days ago (Friday). My husband and I had sex yesterday (Saturday) and there was no bleeding all day long. This morning I woke up feeling like I was leaking and when I ran to the bathroom, a bunch of blood came out and was there when I wiped, similar to how it normally is when you start a period.

I had suspected that maybe my POP was causing the longer bleeding by basically blocking the blood from coming out, but was wondering if anyone had input. I checked my celes last week and they're touching each other, basically closing off my vagina. So it would make sense for the blockage theory, and maybe sex yesterday loosened some leftover blood? But I also wear tampons during my period, so something is up there to soak it up... Idk. Really confused. Not confident in going to the OB because they didn't even catch the POP and I had to self diagnose. I do still nursing, and she's been nursing more frequently than usual over these last two cycles, which I know can also affect things. Just that 2.5 weeks of basically spotting (with one day where a decent sized clot came out) and then a rush of blood a couple days later has me stumped.

If you are still nursing, then your periods probably aren't completely back to normal, no matter how it may appear, or what your past experience may be. I don't think that 'celes can trap menstrual blood - never heard of anything like this. But if you are concerned, you can always see the doc (if you need reassurance that you are OK). Just stay in Whole Woman posture and do plenty of firebreathing to keep those organs a bit more forward and away from the opening. - Surviving