New and advice needed!


Hi there,

I have just had my 3rd baby. After having my second baby I suffered a grade 2 cervical prolapse. I felt this prolapse halfway down. Lower during my cycle and higher whilst ovulating. I had a the pain and dragging sensations etc for about 1 year.

Whilst pregnant with my 3rd my cervix became really high and I could hardly feel it. To be honest it felt great! I had a natural delivery at 35 weeks and half expecting things to get a lot worse I've been constantly worrying and doing my pelvic floor excersises! I only felt the dragging feeling the day after giving birth and 2 weeks after the birth, I felt down there and o can't even find my cervix!

My question is....surely I should feel a bigger bulge? And do you still have a hole where the cervix should be? I have a hole but just can't feel the cervix anymore so I'm very confused?

I'm now 4 week postpartum and have 2 weeks til my 6 weeks check. Has my cervix come totally down, would I definitely notice if this has happened and would I still feel the hole? (The hole as in the vagina hole)

Sorry for the question but I'm just totally confused, curious and worried.


Hi Princess and welcome. It is normal for the prolapse to lift up and out of the way for the later stages of pregnancy and the birth. At 4 weeks PP you may not be feeling symptomatic, but rest assured there is much that you should be doing to try and keep things that way. Traditional pelvic floor exercises (kegels) are actually a bad idea as they can aggravate things. By now I am hoping you have had some more time to look around the WW website, blog, and forum, to get an idea of what we are all about. Here is a great short video to watch. Give it some thought, because right now is the perfect time to get started. If I could turn back the clock to 4 weeks post partum, knowing what I have learned from Christine's work, I suspect I would not have prolapse today.

Hi Princessbellaboo,
Rest assured. If you can't feel the tip of your cervix, (the tip of the cervix feels a bit like the end of your nose & at the bottom of a tampon like shape), in your vaginal passage, that probably means it's in a healthy safe position up above your pelvic bones & towards the front of your abdomen. Just where it is in optimally healthy pelvic organ support position!

So continue to do the WW work, to help it stay this way. If you have to do kegels - do them when on all fours, sot keep the pelvic organs up & forwards, just where they should be, & in your case, by the sounds of it, where your cervix is.

Love & best wishes,