What to purchase?


Hi! I am 6 weeks postpartum with #3 and have been told I have a rectocele prolapse. :-/ I have done some searching of the forums and am still confused, err perhaps just overwhelmed, as to where to start exactly. Which program do I purchase for the exercises I need at this time in my life? Childbearing years? Goddness? Sorry if I'm blabbering, very overwhelmed by this newfound knowledge...

Hi Duckling and welcome. My personal recommendation for you would be the post-partum bundle:

This gets you the basic must-haves (book and FAFP DVD) along with Goddess Belly and Yoga2. All excellent and much-needed at your stage of the game. Don't be overwhelmed. This is so common and it is manageable. The PP healing period is the perfect time to make this posture correction that will benefit your health in every way, for the rest of your life. Enjoy your little one. Take time to really understand and apply the principles of WW posture. It's how you carry yourself as you go throughout your day.....which means even the busiest of new moms can work on this. Congrats and welcome as you start this journey! - Surviving

PS: The online course, Childbearing Years, does contain a lot of useful information:
You can see here what it covers, and it covers quite a lot! Highly recommended. But for a quick-start on the principles of prolapse management, nothing explains these essentials better than First Aid for Prolapse.

Thank you for the thorough reply! If budget and skepticism are standing in the way of spending that much, would you recommend the First Aid for Prolapse ad a good starting point with all the basic info needed? If not, what would be your recommendation? Thanks again!

Hi Duckling,
Yes, the Saving the Whole Woman book and the First Aid for Prolapse DVD are the very beginning of this work. The book gives us all the background and very practical information that we need to better understand this work, and the DVD has very good demonstrations, exercises, and examples of doing day to day things in whole woman posture.

An investment in these will get you well on your way with whole woman. After that you may want to look into Christine's postpartum work also which is also very helpful for our postpartum moms.

I'm back needing specifics please! My birthday is coming up and hubby asked what I wanted. I want to restore my body, that's what! So if you had $100 to spend, please advise and send the links as I find navigating the store difficult.

I am 3 months postpartum with #3 and the prolapse was felt after the third, and biggest, birth. I need to lose weight so helpful exercise would be great too!

Thanks ladies for all your time answering newbie questions such as myself!

Here's the starter bundle for $99 (+ shipping):

There are other things you could definitely use as a PP mom - but this will get you going. - Surviving

So you don't recommend purchasing PP specific products ad a starting point?

I'd recommend the PP bundle, but it's over your price limit.

Therefore, you can start with the basics and add the other items later. - Surviving