Pregnant 7 monthsPP with mild rectocele and cystocele. Help


Hi all

I just found out that I am pregnant at 7months PP with a mild rectocele and cystocele. What do I do?I have thoughts of aborting as I am very scared things will worsen but my family and friends are against it as they can't understand my fear. Please give me advice all. I am very terrified.

Dear mer103,
A short note from me to say....
Many women including me have given birth with pop and they just get out of the way.
I developed rectocele during my 2nd pregnancy and went on to have another baby no bother.

You know about the posture and walking would be a great way to exercise while expecting.
Have a look at Christine's resources for mothers... she has a wealth of knowledge that can only help you trust your body more and work with it, replacing fear with hope and well-being.

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

I know you are scared, but people give birth with prolapse all the time. I too have a mild cystocele and rectocele and having another baby was my main concern after discovery. My Dr told me to not let this prolapse disuade me from having another. And it won't- I will have another baby. This was encouraging, so I'm here to encourage you too. These techniques work, just look at the women who have had babies post pop.

Forget about pop for the moment- do you want another baby? If there is even a hint of yes in the answer, then take action. Start planning and whole heartedly embrace WW. Have faith in your body. You can do this. Please keep us posted.

Dear mer103,
Thank you so much for your post. I'm delighted you found this website - & welcome to the WW forum. You've come to the right place! The most informed community of women about pop on the planet! You'll find a host of information, guidelines & support on the website. Take your time to browse it - the library has lots of videos and articles, the blog has articles, there are old posts on in this four, the store has physical & digital resources for del help & there are teachers & Christine women can contact too. There has never been such a lot of support available ever.

It's totally understandable to be freaked out by pop. I was & no doubt many readers here were too initially. As someone'd lovely partner said, "everyday, it's someone's first time"… However once you're over the shock & learn more about the WW way, you realise pop is not life threatening, & there are effective ways to live with, improve symptoms & improve health, safely, naturally & healthily. It takes time, engagement with the process & patience, but as we all have the rest of our lives to do this work, we have time on our side.

Start now, start today. Make the WW posture your default posture, use the exercises to encourage your symptoms to improve quicker than they might otherwise, breathe right, live right…. It;s a journey of a lifetime. Many of us would not in a zillion years wish pop on anyone, however, many of us feel blessed to have come across this work which has led to a happier healthier life.

Btw, definitely do not even think about having an abortion! That's what I think for sure!You have a mild pelvic organ prolapse, which can improve & there are doable things you can do to do so.

I recommend you invest in your health, when/if time/money permits. Dvd's, book, people; on-line & physically… Meantime there is the website & the forum.

You may want to check out my favourite neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, who has specialised in optimising coping skills & happiness. Sign up for his free JOT each week; just one thing. Wise words of practical day to day things you can do to feel better.

Wishing you all the best, Big hugggg.

The fear is the worst part, isn't it? The actual symptoms are fairly manageable, but when we wonder, 'what is going to happen later?' it's really frightening.

Abortion is a choice every woman has, and it may seem like a quick fix to a scary problem, but it brings its own set of possible physical and emotional problems with it... it's tragic and messy...and it can't be undone.

What you want to do is make a choice that you will feel proud of and happy with for the rest of your life, because one way or another, every pregnancy will affect you for the rest of your life. You have a baby inside you. Your body knows it. You know it. It can't really be undone and you can't really forget.

There are so many solutions to managing your POP and so much to learn that your time and money would be best spent learning, not undergoing more medical procedures that honestly have the potential to really screw your body and, more importantly, your heart.

Feel the fear, feel the rage at being pregnant 7 months PP, but don't let those feelings make decisions for you.

There are ladies here for you. You're not alone. Most importantly- you CAN do this!

I am 27 weeks and through my own research and the WW website, I have "self-diagnosed" with mild rectal prolapse. Reading and watching the videos has really put my mind at ease about how to go forward. I'm not exactly sure which DVDs to start with (being unemployed is affecting my purchasing) but I feel confident the information Christine offers is the answer ... and nothing else is.
I've have SI joint problems for 10 years and I believe a lot of my prolapse is from a car wreck I suffered that offset my pelvic joints. I've been working to reverse this ever since and it's a slow process but I feel strides are being made.
Despite these challenges, I've have five healthy babies and #6 is well on the way! I can't imagine that abortion would solve any issues in this instance and it is unlikely to "cure" any issues you are having. Even knowing now that I am facing the prolapse issue (likely something I've had since the last baby considering some of my symptoms), I am not going to prevent having more babies after this one. Surgery is most definitely NOT an option after what I've learned here and I am unlikely to even involve a doctor's opinion in my care on this issue.
You have to make the best decision for you so I encourage you to EDUCATE yourself and make a good one. None of us can make it for you but here you will find encouragement on your journey and you can know you are not alone.
Blessings on your journey and feel free to update or share more concerns anytime!