Uterus prolapse



I am 29 yrs old ,have recently given birth to my 2nd baby 4 months ago. Three weeks ago I went to toilet with very bad constipation, I was trying hard and suddenly I felt something coming out, it was like hard baloon ,was not fully out but i could touch it and had the feeling to push it out,
I was in such as schock that I thought this is a feotus and I have gone through the miscarriage as I am not on protection .I rang to my friends but no one picked my call, then I rang to maternity hospital and nurse over the phone told me " oh dear it could be the wall of uterus ,so no emergency ,and go to the doctor tomorrow" !!
Well hold on it is an emergency for a person who don't know should I push it out or what!!.
My partner also thought its a miscarriage but there was no blood,and I took a deep breath and it went inside.

Next day I went to hospital and they said its not the uterus prolapse ,everything is good down below.

After two days I went to doctor and she said dear its a uterus prolapse but 1st degree.

I am still not satisfied as I think it's 2nd degree prolapse.
I am going to see physio the day after tomorrow.
I am seeking help from members here regarding tips, or advice?
I still want to have two more kids ,I want to know if its possible to keep the pregnancy with prolapse condition in one years time and if yes then c-section will save me from worsening the prolapse? Or vaginal delivery? Can I still get pregnant?

I am breast feeding, bed rest is next to impossible with 5 years and 4 months old ones.But I try my best to get help from my 5 years old boy in house work.My husband helps in cleaning and laundry etc
But for the infant I have to take her in arms while changing the rooms or for feed. many times during the day and night .
I can never forget the night when I got to know its actually my uterus which was coming out. No one ever told me about this and it came to me as a shock .

Thank you

Hi Champion. If your prolapse is like a balloon, then it is more likely to be a cystocele and/or rectocele. Extremely common occurrence at 4 months PP, especially with straining on the toilet. You may have misunderstood something the doctor said. You can do a prolapse self-exam - go to the search box on the home page and put that in, the article will come up. It is also contained in Christine's book, "Saving the Whole Woman" which is what this website and forum are all about. Please take a look around. All of this is extremely commonplace and can be managed and even reversed if you understand it a bit better. Sorry to say but the doctors don't have all the answers to this one. Especially the ER doctors. Nor does the physio. Suggest you take a look around before you go, and arm yourself with some WW wisdom, because the physio will probably say "do kegels", which are worthless and even detrimental to prolapse. - Surviving

Thank you for your advice, yes you are right doctors don't know exactly what is wrong inside ,I am very worried to know the exact problem,
I have constant pain down below,and feeling that something might come out, when ever I go to toilet I try to feel if something goes up when I take deep breath in and out.

I could not open the se!f exam page ,I will try to open on laptop now.
Do I have to buy ww support DVDs?
I want to know what does posture do to lift up uterus or to reduce cystocele.
And what exactly the cystocele is ?
Have very bad pain down at the back.
I saw someone was talking about using honey for vaginal tightness?
If some one know about the fembrace penties,do they really work?just reluctant to order .
This forum is really helpful and gives very good information and opportunity to share our experiences.

Can anyone help me to understand why I am having spotting of brown colour in the beginning and now red colour .I notice it when I use toilet, its v less though.
If its the cystocele ,is it normal?
I have constant pain down in vaginal part like periods are due etc but my periods are finished a week ago.
Never had the spotting before.
I'm going to order the the ww prolapse bundle which has many things as its cheaper to buy in bulk.l

A cystocele doesn't cause blood spotting - it is just a bulge in the vaginal wall. The bladder is behind that bulge; it has moved out of position. This sounds related to your menstrual cycle. It may not mean anything or you might want to get it checked out, if it persists. - Surviving

If you are having pain and spotting, you may want to go get checked out by a physician. These aren't normally associated with prolapse, but could very well be with just having had a baby. There can be some period like acheiness, dragging feeling, sometimes burning in the beginning with prolapse, but you did just have a baby also. It could very well just be a combination of post partum healing with prolapse, but we wouldn't know for sure.

I have certainly had and still do have the brownish color up to a very bright red with my periods, so don't find that unusual. But, if the spotting is worrying you, you should go get checked out, to make sure everything is healing as it should.

Hi ,
Since a week or fewdays more I had feeling that air bubles coming out and when i went to check,it was just air bubble,
Since tomorrow the bubbly feeling is gone and very less brown discharge was there and today I checked it has turned to red discharge, constant slow pain in vaginal area,and back is very sore like I am getting periods,
Can be symptoms of pregnancy? Or miscarriage? 1st day of my period was 12 Jan.
I will definitely go to Gp tomorrow
All comments are much appreciated .
It's a great forum to discuss private problems related to women health!!
Thank you Aging gracefully
Thank you Surviving60

Hi Champion
I found I had prolapse exactly like you describe. My second baby was nearly 4 mths old and I was straining on the loo as we were going out and I didn't want to have to have a BM in someone else's home. Well I would not do that anymore!!!!

It was the rectocele for me (rectum bulge in my vagina) and it went up again and I too went to the doctors. I didn't find this site until my prolapse got worse a year later.

Do please get the post pardum bundle. You really need to work with this stuff and you will be able to follow your baby dream and enjoy this baby.

I get the bubbles occasionally. It's at certain times of my cycle. They can be called vaginal farts too. As things have moved, the vaginal space is not always closed so air gets in.

This is a great site - the only site that understands prolapse - you'll know that for yourself soon. It's an empowering and feminine journey to know our bodies as they should be in WW posture. All the best and keep posting and it's so nice to read people's journey with this. You will hear more stories like ours too.

For inspiration and to calm any fears, there are lots of posts by women who have given birth with prolapse in WW posture and have been fine with prolapse. Posture is the key, all the time, mindfully.

Hi ActiveandLapsed,

I still don't know if it is the rectocele,cystocele or uterus.
All I can feel is when I sit to pass my stool a bulgy thing comes forward and I have to stop off by front wall of toilet seat and the cloth.
I am getting some help from a nurse this week to see what it is exactly .I will get the bundle soon.
All what disturbed me after prolapse is ,I got my periods two weeks ago,and I am getting bleeding again from today.Tried to book appointment to see doc but its fully booked for tomorrow so hoping for Thursday now.
Thank you for sharing ur experience here!
Once again thanks a million.

If it helps, know that I've had some really short cycles since having my baby 17 mo ago. Before I got pregnant (at 42), mine were ~30 days and even the high 30's. Ever since having baby I'm on a 25 day cycle average. This month 21 days. And a year ago I got a period after just 11 days. So things can be wacky. I didn't breastfeed past 3-4 weeks, so my periods returned within 3 mo PP.

My periods have been different lengths too and I am 3 years PP and nearly a year since breastfeeding. Prior to having kids I was very regular. I am a lot more aware of what bleeding comes out now since I have been doing the WW work and since I use rags not a tampon (as it does not stay comfortably).

Champion, it sounds like a recocele. The garden variety type is cystocele and rectocele and they block the uterus from coming out. I have garden variety. My cystocele came later but probably would not have have come down had I got onto this work earlier. Have you read about the LoPo position for going to the loo. Very useful and important. Some of us (me included) have to watch our diet closely to get good stools. Constipation certainly helped to bring on my prolapse.

You will get there just keep reading and asking questions and learning about our feminine curvy bodies.

Hi every one,
Thank you first time mama .
Thank you ActiveandLapsed.

As I mentioned earlier I will get the experienced nurse to look at my prolapse and tell me what it is exactly So nurse examined me today and she says its the cervix which has prolapsed !!!!!!!!!
Now what we call this?
I am so terrified,so upset, so tired of it.
I don't know yet what has actually prolapsed ,but in the end when nurse told me that the treat of this is to put mesh then in the next second I realized she is experienced but not a good adviser to advise me for mesh.
She also said its not that bad .
Now start from the beginning
1) maternity hospital in emergency told me = no prolapse at all
2) my private doctor said its a uterus prolapse but 1st degree
3) went to privtae nurse and she says its the cervix which has prolapsed
4) after discussing my problem here I got to know its a cystocele or rectocele.

Now for bleeding doctor took two swabs,from vagina and from very inside I think as I could not see it, just to check the infections.
And doctor said if its negative or won't show anything then she will do ultrasound to get surity.
One more thing she said if the discharge is brownish with pain then its point of worry if its red then OK
Until this morning the spotting was less as compare to yesterday but was red.
And in afternoon it is brown spotting now.

ActiveandLapsed you are right about our diet and link to the constipation.I love tea but I have reduced itvto one cup.I eat (isphaghol herb) in hot milk and it is very helpful to pass the stool and also I use fresh orange juice and it helps me allot. Olive oil also made it easy but I am breast feeding so my daughter was upset .
But I tried recently (castor oil ) one tea spoon and its v good to avoid constipation
Thank you all
Will wait to read your comments
If Christine has any practioner in Dublin ( Ireland)? Or the nearest ?
Thank you

Hi Champion. I would highly recommend a visit to Lindy Roy in Somerset, UK. She is a warm, wonderful woman who helped me tremendously in getting off to a good start with WW work. Well worth the expense and effort. Her contact details are in the WW practitioners tab on the top menu bar.

It's not a cervix prolapse, because your cervix is attatched to your uterus. If your cervix is presenting itself, then what you have is a uterine prolapse. You could also be presenting all three, but our organs are always on the move, so what may be presenting at one time, may not another.

Let's not forget here that you just had a baby, and much of what you describe is really not that unusual, although I know it is scary for you at this time, try not to fret so much over all this. Your body needs a chance to heal, and you just had your first period. And, by the way brownish blood is a normal color of periods. Look it up. Pain on the other hand should always get checked out if it is something you feel that uncomfortable with it.

If you are really concerned about all this, a practitioner may be able to help you.

Take a deep breath, dear Champion, you can get through this.

Champion you can feel the cervix the round hub if you like where it opens. My uterus does not come out because of my cystocele and rectocele. If you are up for it, pop you finger inside and see what you can feel. Your cervix is in the middle with any prolapse of the bladder (cystocele) in the front and any bulge at the back is a rectocele. You can push the rectocele up and back a bit if you like and then you know it is that. My cystocele is harder and not so easy to push up and forward but I can follow it forward with my finger. My cervix sits above my knuckle but I can feel the hub. I would not have felt it prior to prolapse. Also my perineum sits lower than it used to, the norm with rectocele I think. My perineum has had a tear and cut during my two labours so it is definitely not what it once was.

When you do this check, posture wise, I find it best to hinge from the hips, relax my belly, have a nice lumber curve (not an arch in your back). This is WW posture. I feel like my bottom is sticking out. You can pop a bit of honey on your finger if you like when you do this as it's good for the bugs in there to feed on. Natural honey is best but no worries just what ever honey you have if that's easy.

You do want to get to know your body as so many of us were wrongly diagnosed. They did the exams on you lying down right? Well it's quite different when you walk around.

Keep us posted how you get on and what you find if you like. I do remember how scared I was and thank this site and Christine everyday for what it has given me.

Hi Champion - my suggestion at this point is for you to try and relax and take the information from these posts to heart. Everything you have described sounds perfectly normal for post-partum. We can't give you medical advice, but all these frantic doctor visits and exams are only fueling your panic, and at this point you know enough to proceed on your own. If anyone is talking mesh surgery to you, head for the door; that is the worst possible advice especially for a young woman still growing her family.

Prolapse always seems like a crisis of the worst kind, when it is first discovered. But if you take a deep breath and start to read and study up on it, and start working on posture and using all the tools Christine gives us, you too will discover this is not so terrible, and in fact can be a blessing. Don't waste this perfect opportunity you have, to remold your body back to its correct alignment, to breathe as you were meant to. Not only will you reverse your symptoms now, but you'll be taking a huge step to ensure the future health of your hips and spine. Enjoy the journey - don't rush it and don't panic. - Surviving

Hi every one,
ActiveandLapsed , I am thank full to you for all this good info, I did check the cervix, from the front wall and from the back and I do agree at this stage that I have cystocele and rectocele .

Waiting to get over with spotting then I will use honey, planning to make visit to UK for ww posture advice from trained practioner of Christine.
Surviving60 you are an assett to this forum. I am relaxed and canceled all my appointments with physios etc
I will order the pp bundle by the end of next week.
Hopefully all will be well.
Thank you guys
Huggs xx

That's awesome, all the best, sounds like you are on the way to a lovely WW you.

I am having spotting now from 4 days,it got brown in colour but today I had a bad day to pass my stool,despite of all my fibre diet I went to pass stool after three days but in great pain.
Today I noticed vaginal bleeding while I was passing stool.
Is there any link between passing stool and vaginal bleeding?

If some one has any experience like this?

Hi Champion,

I know it's frustrating not to mention a bit scary if you get constipated.

I'm not sure what position you use for elimination. I started using the LoPo one:


I used LoPo with great success and then adapted it to suit me. I now tend to sit forward on the toilet seat. I keep my lumber curve, tuck my chin and lift my head through my crown. My belly is relaxed and my chest lifted. I imagine my tailbone being pulled up by some string and I twist to the left keeping my chin very tucked in and turning my head/eyes to the ceiling. Christine discussed this in my Skype consult with her. I can feel it keeping the vaginal passage long and straight. You can twist from one side to the other. Just see what works. You may need to splint too if you have constipation or wide stools. There is lots of splinting info on here.

The prolapse can cause a bit of pain after a BM for me if the stools are not soft, ideal shape. I have to be very careful with my diet and have been learning what works and does not for me. I get no bleeding. You don't want to be sitting back in the toilet and have any stool puling down on your prolapse. I used to do that and that is what the squatty potty would be like in my understanding of it (we don't support it on here). It took me time to understand my body and work this stuff out. It's taken me a few years to work out what foods effect my stools. It seems to be related to hormones and my cycle as well. Things started to change with my first pregnancy. We are all different though and maybe you won't have too many problems with stools.

This WW stuff really works, so keep at it. My prolapse experience reminds me of the kids book 'We are going on a bear hunt' and they can't go around the obstacles they just have to go through them. I did a lot of going around until I got prolapse.

I don't like having prolapse but I am so grateful I have been on the WW journey as I have been able to embrace the feminine side of myself and that is a much more authentic way for me to live.

Don't overdo the fiber, Champion! Eating lots of extra fiber doesn't make your stool softer or easier to pass, it just makes it bulkier. What was the great pain you felt when passing stool? Could you have a fissure that is causing pain and bleeding? - Surviving

Hi every one,
Active and lapsed I practiced the lopo and it worked for me ,thank you for this advice,now I am very confused about my diet with breast feeding and constipation.
Surviving60 I am not sure if I have a fissure, doctor did not examine me but nurse took my swabs the other day, is it possible to get fissure without knowing in vaginal area?
Please help me with food chart if some one is using certain meals in their diet to avoid constipation.
Surviving60 thank-you for correcting me about fibre intake.

Surviving60 ,I had great pain while passing stool in the back area and constant light pain in the vaginal area all the time

Diet is really a personal journey that many of us have studied on, experimented, and found what works best for each of us, but I don't think there is any arguing about getting sugar and highly processed foods out, and fresh local foods in. Sugar and processed foods are highly inflammatory and can affect our bowels very negatively.

Some of our ladies like to use magnesium to help smooth out their bowel movements, but be careful on how much you take, because it can have a laxative affect. It may be something you want to consider while you are working on better dietary habits.

I preferred cutting out the junk, and adding in fresh fruits and veg, and especially fermented foods.
The posture work also helps with our bowels; for me it lifted my organs from their squished position into a much better alignment, which really helped me after years of constipation.

It's all a process and journey that takes time, time worth spent for better health and well being, as well as peace of mind.

I agree with Aging gracefully, diet is very important. I was in hospital for 4 days and got terribly constipated there, even after having liquid and pills for it I sat on the loo for half an hour trying not to strain, until I did a not normal movement. They would not let me leave before I did one, on the last day I did. Being vegetarians my husband cooked amazing meals and green smoothies for us when I got home and pretty much instantly my bowels were back to normal.

Hi everyone,
I want to share something to get advice or an idea if some one knows about this.
My mother told me 28 years ago when she had me,she got some sort of prolapse and a midwife treated it with cotton wrapped with the soft thread and make it like tampon but round and soak it in alcohol and midwife put this through vaginal opening inside and then after one hour you can take the cotton out with thread outside attached to it.

She said it helped her to eliminate prolapse symptoms to some extent.
I did not try this yet as I am very careful about putting alcohol on a cotton puff and inserting in vagina.
Any suggestions?

I am guessing here that using the rubbing alchohol may have reduced some of the swelling of vaginal tissue that can occur after having a baby. Personally, I wouldn't let rubbing alchohol anywhere near my vagina. That stuff burns!

With that said, you need to understand that prolapse management is postural in nature. It's the posture and the breathing that help pin your pelvic organs into the lower belly where they belong.

Have you gotten any of your materials yet? Christine explains these things so well, and her work will help shed some light into this for you.

Thank you for your comment Aging gracefully,
I am going g to order Christine material this week,just waiting for my pay to come.

Hi everyone,
I have placed my order ,hope fully I will get it in a week or so.
Right now I am observing the node,cone or the small baloon typebulge in my vagina, usually when I stick my finger in to put some honey,sometimes its quite up and some times its quiet down.
Constipation is much better,using look,great method .
Allot of pain in lower back,
Hopefully by using christine advice I would be able to progress .
Thank you everyone for support and help

Hi Lanny,
Please contact me ,I have left an email for you,waiting if I can start some online video until my parcel comes?
Thank you

I'm sure Lanny will contact you if you have left him an email. The forum is not necessarily the way to get in touch.

The online streaming products are for sale separately from the physical products. If you want access to any of them, you can order through the store. - Surviving

Hi every one,
I have received my parcel, I am confused how to maintain the posture as lifting up the chest intends to tuck in the belly may be bcz I was used to tuck in the belly all the time, I have seen posts here regarding putting some weight over the head and walk.
Please some one help me regarding the best method of sitting on bed,on sofa,and speacialy the breastfeed
And how imp is it take pillow at back while sitting on bed etc.
Also what are be!ly rolls ,I saw it in the book but cannot understand it well under the sex and prolapse chapter.

Every day I ask my self wi!l the posture work to cure my prolapse?
I am positive about it and believe in christines methods.just impatient.
I have started few steps specially from first aid DVD,and from goddess belly video.
Thank you

There are no shortcuts to a full understanding of the WW work. You have the materials, now I want you to read, watch, listen and learn. It takes time and patience. Follow the forum. Work on this every day. And keep that belly relaxed! That is lesson number one! - Surviving

Hi Surviving60,
Thank you for the advice,

I began the WW exercises just over one year ago. Improvement was immediate, but significant changes occurred after 8 months. The prolapse is present, but diminished. The pain that occurred in all positions is gone. The lateral side-lying position was the last to subside. The prolapse was increasingly painful and required analgesics prior to starting the program. I now do a full exercise routine every other day. WW position must be maintained. At times I slack off and sit in reclining positions and the prolapse becomes evident. Then its immediately back to daily exercises along with improved posture. The WW program is nothing less than a miracle. It is non-surgical technique with many side benefits such as enhancing a general feeling of well being and overall body strength. It is a blessing that Christine turned her sorrow into works of good by coming to the aide of hundreds and perhaps thousands of distressed women.

Hi salvage,
It's good to hear ur story of success with Christine work.I am sharing something which I felt,I have been doing posture from 2 weeks now but so many times I got distracted ,I had severe pain down under the thigh lines with vagina and in vagina itself,there is a significant reduction in pain with posture I guess
I am trying to make a habit of exercise empty stomach but due to Brest feed in nights its really hard to do in mornings.
Please if you can tell me for how long in one sitting perday we have to do exercise mentioned in DVDs of Christine?
Thank-you for all the support and courage

Thanks for checking in - it is great to hear of your success! I do want to remind Champion of something that Christine reminds us over and over again in her e-mails - The Whole Woman work is not primarily just an exercise program. The exercises strengthen the body in all the important ways needed to achieve the best posture, but this is really all about the posture. We are re-training our bodies to carry ourselves as we were meant to, before we were taught to tighten and suck in our bellies. So the important thing is not how much time you spend on the exercises, but how you move throughout your day! It requires a great deal of discipline and mindfulness not to get distracted in the early days. Eventually it becomes 2nd nature, and this can take months. But we will be doing this work for the rest of our lives - it is a journey with many twists and turns in the road. Keep up the good work, ladies! - Surviving

Hi ladies,
I have been using Christine work off and on, still trying to get grip over the posture.( hard to remind)
I have two questions,
1) My belly fat is sagging down a bit ,does it let the organs come to place while getting the lumbar curve?
2) from last one week when I try to splint,I felt a hard stuff deep there, hard stuff with the spongy prolapse. Sometime times I thought it's a bone ,today it was coming down too, but my periods are due too.
Please help me if any one has the same experience
Thank you

Hi Champion - you cannot use Christine's work off and on. You need to live in the posture every day. She has a great new on-line video called "Remember to Remember" which has great advice for creating the kind of mindfulness that is needed to get over the barriers and make this posture automatic in your life.

Belly fat isn't a problem; just relax the belly and keep the chest strongly lifted; this is what creates the lumbar curve.

Perhaps what you are feeling is your cervix; it is strong and muscular, in contrast to a squishy 'cele. All these organs are very mobile all the time (that's why we can improve their positions with posture and exercise) and yes, your period coming can make things seem worse. - Surviving

Hi Surviving60,

yes i am trying to keep posture all day ,setting up my routine ,have question: shoulders cannot go back while lifting chest? how would you describe shoulders down ?

I will check the price of this video thank you for giving me this useful info.
yes its quiet muscular and strong, it is the cervix i would say.

Thanks a million.

Christine says "upper back flat and broad". This means that you are not pulling your shoulders back, military-style. But keep them down,.

I had my posture assessed a couple years ago at the conference, and found that I was trying too hard NOT to pull my shoulders back. As a result, my shoulders were still rounded forward (a remnant of decades of bad posture) The solution was to think of opening my chest more. I still have to work on this! - Surviving

Hi ladies
I want some advice and suggestion on few different things .
I have been doing posture and firebreathing from two months now , when i am down on my hands breathing in and out recentlt my hand wrists got in pain and i left bending down excercises for a while .(any suggestions)

I am fasting as this is ramadan (islamic month) and i noticed my uterus or bladder comparitively up in vagina and also the cervix but when i open my fast and go to bed it comes down again . I fast from 2 am till 10 pm next day fasting for nearly 19 hours a day .

I eat spinch and avocados on daily basis which is helping me allot to pass my stool .

I am planning for mynext baby and my husband and i am very concerned about natural vaginal birth.we are planning for c section and to go provate but it will b very expensive as in public hospitals they dont give you c section easily . Want to avoid more damage to blader and cervic prolapse ,so will c -section help? Please anysuggestion on these? Also i saw christine mentioned in of thepost that do not givebirth on your back ? What does that mean?
Sorry to forward so many questions in one post

Hi ladies,
I am waiting to hear if someone can help me with my question written above? Is my post visible?

Hi Champion - yes, your post is visible. There isn't always someone on-line ready to post an immediate response.

You do not have to be down on your hands to firebreathe. The normal position as demonstrated in the book and FAFP DVD is bent over with hands on knees.

Yes, you will find that your organs are shifting all day long in response to everything you do. That's the very reason that we have so much power to help things along in the right direction.

In most cases, prolapse simply gets out of the way for birth. We have had many moms with prolapse go on to have subsequent vaginal births. It's true that birthing on your back makes for much more strain on both baby and mother.....but I had both babies on my back. It's just the way many hospitals do things. So I know this can be a dilemma. Ideally you want to be able to move around as much as possible during labor, then have a gentle birth on hands and knees. We don't give medical advice here, but I will say that you needn't fear a vaginal birth just because of prolapse. - Surviving

Hi surviving,
Thank you for your reply.
Even if they give you cut still prolapse does not get worse during vaginal delivery?

Please understand this is not a medical site. No one here has any way of knowing exactly how your birthing experience will go. If you are talking about episiotomy, that is something to talk to your doctor about, and try to avoid if you can. The best suggestion I can give you is to learn as much about posture and prolapse as you can, from Christine's body of work which is quite extensive. We do have control over so many things, and if we understand our anatomy, we can heal. Many women who have learned how to carry themselves can come back better than before the birth. For others, that will not be the case. There is so much to learn and understand - and no quick answers for you here. You get back in direct proportion to the effort put into it. - Surviving

Hi Surviving60,
Thank you for your reply.i was actually asking about episiotomy (the cut ).The one they give during vaginal delivery.
I am working on posture and othrr excercises. I will definitely talk to my doctor about the cut as they dont ask the pstient and just give it during the labour .