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I am now 5 months postpartum and am having some new symptoms. Joy! My urethra has dropped about 1-2cm depending on where my cystocele is (which seems like a lot!) and has been giving me the most trouble. I read in the book that once the urethra drops it can become hyper-mobile, outside the realm of intra-abdominal pressure. Once this happens, am I just at the whims of gravity, slowly pulling my urethra down even more? The area of tissue that has been stretched by my droopy urethra is very sore, and I am all of the sudden having a little bit of incontinence. I can get my cystocele out of site with mindful posture and lifestyle choices, but then it kind of sucks my urethra up with it. So, the more my cystocele improves, the worse my urethra gets. I am afraid my urethral opening will disappear inside! I also worry about UTIs and such.

I have also been having incontinence after sex, or after I administer honey. Its like every time I put something in my vagina, I experience incontinence for a few days after. What gives?

My rectocele has improved a lot, and now I see what ya'll mean when you say one gets better, another gets worse. I feel like I learn something new everyday with this work, and I am optimistic, but am super irritated with my recent developments. Any thoughts, tips, advice?

Thanks for reading!

Hi there - at 5 months, you are still in the middle of lots of changes and healing yet to come. Some other PP moms might be able to relate more, but I would say, just keep up with the WW work. Be sure to work on perfecting your firebreathing technique, and get Yoga 2 if you don't have it yet. WW posture returns all the organs to their natural placement with respect to each other, and this includes the urethra. But it isn't always a linear process.

Also I guess I'm a little bit anatomically challenged (I never was one to poke around or to get out the mirror) but I'm confused a little by your post. You say your urethra is droopy, but you don't want it to be pulled up with posture? I admit the urethra is kind of a mystery to me, so maybe other PP moms can help out more. - Surviving

Hi Sunshine & Rain,
Thank you very much for your enquiry. I tried to find the ref to the dropped urethral tube, hyper mobility of the urethra & thus being outside the forces of intra abdominal pressures in the book, but couldn't find that reference. I'm not sure that's quite right. I would have thought the urethral passage would be subject to some form of intra abdominal pressure, wherever its was, although it may not be in a helpful way if it's in a prolapsed position. If you've got a page no/paragraph that's be great!

In any event, by definition, pelvic organ prolapse means the organs & their associated tubes have moved away from their optimum healthy position. Prolapsed organs are ones that have dropped back & then down. So the WW work aims to encourage the organs up & forwards, bak into their correct positions. So it's back to the WW approach again. This won't of any harm & would be beneficial. You're still in the early days of post part partum period, as Surviving 60 says, so it's not surprising there are changes. Engaging consistently with the WW work so it becomes a way of life, will help to prevent further problems & improve current symptoms.

Every woman's WW journey is different, but the approach road to recovery is remarkably similar based on the natural female form & pelvic organ support system. I thoroughly recommend anyone with pop to invest in their health by investing in the WW resources; book, dvd, on-line courses & resources, WW teacher or consultation with a WW teacher or Christine. We have the rest his work of our lives for this work, so we can afford to purchase or obtain the materials as/when we can afford to or need to.

Wishing you all the best,

It's on the bottom of page 32 and top of page 33.

This can still be be worked on and helped with the whole woman work. Christine actually further explored urge and urinary incontinence with a online course that you may want to look into. She has these pee on pee off exercises in it that look very promising.

In addition, as the ladies have said above, you are still early in your post partum healing, so the likelihood of these things resolving on their own is very good.

We should all be working on posture though, it is for a lifetime!

Sorry for the confusion, yes I have a hard time explaining it! So my urethracele does get sucked up inside along with my cystocele which is good, but the problem is my urethral opening (where urine comes out) gets pulled downward along with it. So there is about a 2cm drop from its pre-preg positition (it is no longer tucked under the clitoral hood, but is closer to the vaginal outlet). So when the cystocele goes up inside the vagina, the urethral opening goes down, and then up into the vagina. Well, its got a little ways to go before going inside the vagina, but I am afraid that is where it is headed and I'll eventually be peeing out of my vagina. I haven't heard many people say they have this problem, where the actually opening changes positions, but it is definitely by biggest gripe right now!

Following these posts as I have the same problem as op and can't find anything about dropped urethras on google. This was the first clue for me something wasn't right after baby that my urethra had dropped and sometimes it gets very close to vaginal entrance and gets irritated. I've switched from coffee to peppermint tea as I often feel like I need to pee really badly when I have just been like a UTI

Sorry you have the same problem. Funny, it was the first clue for me too. I think that dryness has something to do with the irritation for me because I don't feel it all that much when I'm applying coconut oil and using honey. Unfortunately for me I haven't been able to apply honey internally because of the other issues I mentioned, but I do apply it on the outside which seems to help some. I find I have to reapply coconut oil frequently but it helps with the dryness too. Clothing is also super important for me. I absolutely cannot wear anything that is tight around my crotch- it makes it way worse. And then of course sex, the wrong sexual position makes it absolutely horrible. Unfortunately I haven't found the right position yet- ho hum.

I haven't lost hope in pulling my urethra up and I'm hoping some of Christine's exercises help. I read in the book that sitting in WW posture with legs extended in front of you, And internally rotating the hips at their sockets helps raise the urethra (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). Also making sure your legs are in correct WW alignment at the hips and down to the feet should pull the x axis taught (again, someone please correct me if I'm wrong- still trying to grasp all the concepts!). I do feel energy in the right place when I do this mindfully. I also stupidly thought kegels in WW posture might help (even though I was warned!) and it made my symptoms so much worse. I guess I had to learn the hard way. Anyway, that's what I'm working with right now. Best of luck to you!

Thanks sunshine....
Is the dryness you are experiencing from breastfeeding? I think mine might be as I have never experienced dryness before and was also hoping once I stop feeding when I return to work in a few months that the dryness will subside and thinks might get better. Sounds all a very similar story to me I cannot wear jeans or tight clothing now and have not figured out the sex thing yet....on all fours seems the easiest but still clumsy and painful so am avoiding anything at the moment!!
I havr been kegalling (in posture) but find this irritates, makes me feel like peeing and causes period type aching. I was looking into nauli and might try thus but worried as I have a diastasis and dont want to make anything worse!
Thanks for your tips that answers my question about sitting on the floor it must be ok in ww posture with legs out ... i have been sitting cross legged with my baby to avoid the couch as much as possible ans after sitting or lying on there I tend to almost seize up and can't walk properly for a bit. I find lifting bubs difficult and scary when feeding.
I'm loving this website thr support on here is amazing Christine you havr obviously helped so many people in their time of need where there is not many places to turn.
Most websites are focused on surgery and seem to be saying prolapse is for people over 60 but it seems to also be something many young women experience post partum. I wish id known about!

Just as a reminder, Christine does have many videos for the post partum moms, including The Second wheel yoga DVD, the Restore Your Goddess Belly DVD which directly addresses diastasis recti, and her latest video whole woman wisdom for the childbearing years.
All great materials that would go great with the book Saving the Whole Woman which is the very beginning of this very important work.

Yes I think the dryness is from breastfeeding but honey is really supposed to help that. I feel your pain! It's hard at first to know what works and what doesn't but I've found over time what irritates and doesn't irritate my pop- and it seems like it's different for everyone, but the principles are the same. I learned all the basics from the first aid dvd. It demonstrates all the basic postures, sitting standing, carrying. Plus has a dictionary of movements where I learned firebreathing and nauli. The stomach vacuum is my favorite. Then I got the courage to read the book and I found it really interesting. It's a quick read and I think those two things will really help you. I also bought the childbearing years package but haven't tried the 2nd wheel or goddess belly exercised yet. I've just now started walking regularly. So go easy on yourself. You can sit cross legged or legs extended on the floor in WW posture. I can't do the floor, I sit in my furniture and have figured out WW posture by sitting on the edge of my couch. I also use my lazy boy because I can still have some lumbar curve in it but all this may be different for you. This thread about lifting has a post by Christine with pictures in it on how to lift: https://www.wholewoman.com/forum/comment/28001#comment-28001. It's super helpful. I am still trying to tweak my lifting though. Hope that helps!

I know this is a bit of an old post but I have a question about honey and sex. I am 8 wks pp and my husband is anxious to have sex. Me not so much but I am curious since so many ppl say it is good for pop. I'm more nervous for my healing tear. So I am bfeeding and was experiencing dryness and the honey is helping a lot. I have been putting in in morning and night. But is it safe to use with condoms? I am not looking to have another baby! :) I have a 4yr old too!
Thanks so much!

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