Questions about change in bowel movements!


I've hesitated to post this for weeks to monitor what my body is doing but am not seeing much in the way of improvement and would like to ask fellow rectocele sufferers if they to experience these symptoms with this kind of prolapse or am I dealing with some additional problems now.
So my prolapse symptoms have improved vaginally and I feel much milder pressure and am not so bothered day to day by little niggles. For the last couple of months however (since I've felt better internally and my periods have kicked in in fact) I have had 2 new bowel symptoms that are troubling me. I cut vitamin d and no longer have the hard to expel sticky poo so feel like I'm emptying more completely but I always feel a pressure or blockage at the very end of a bowel movent as if something more has to come out or something is swollen in there. This feeling subsides and I never strain. There are no bits of tissue hanging out or protruding when I wipe but I'm worried about rectal prolapse now too.
The next symptom that started at exactly the same time is cloudy/ misty water accompanying most bowel movements to the point I cannot see what I have passed because the water is so murky but I know it is not because of loose poo.
I'm at a bit of a loss here and really don't want to be having colonoscopies or examinations up there but also feel I can't ignore these new issues. I'm fed up because just when I felt that the prolapses were improving vaginally, my back end is now causing me problems!
I'm doing a wheat elimination diet to see what this might do but please ladies if any of you can offer any shared wisdom or advice I'd love to hear it.
Thank you!
Miss D

Hi Miss D,
I can't comment on the cloudiness but the soreness you say is common to rectocele. I read that somewhere on here or in the resources. I get that soreness and it goes after 15 minutes or so. I don't have an answer for fixing this apart from posture, no constipation and not being worried about that. Well that is what I do. I don't always get sore by the way, it comes and goes but softer stools do help.

I didn't realise vitamin D can cause stool issues. I have just started having a few sprays of it with my kids but as I have to be very careful of constipation I will keep an eye on that. We are coming into summer on my side of the world anyway.

I'm not sore just aware of the feeling of a blockage and I cant discern whether it's still an evacuation issue or bulging tissue which is a scary prospect... Today was a better day after being very contentious about fluids yesterday and I suspect that gluten may irritate my system too. The mucus is worrying. I'm still at a very low weight for me and wonder about if this is all connected...
And vit D doesn't usually cause loose stools but it did for me. I guess my body didn't need the extra and was rejecting the supplements. Very few people report this side effect but after months of eliminating other things it was stopping vitamin d that helped with these horrible bowel movements!

I used to have frequent loose and mucousy bowels until I changed my diet, so, it is worth it to try and eliminate some of those potential irritants and see how you do. I've never had a problem with Vitamin D, I get those sticky poos from time to time but it's not the D (because I take that daily). I personally wouldn't sacrifice D even if it did affect my poo consistency (I get hardly any sun, and at my age the skin doesn't manufacture D as well as a younger person's) - so that is your decision. But that feeling of incomplete emptying is common with rectocele. Don't let it concern you and don't strain. It'll come out the next time! - Surviving

I am keen to see how I go with eliminating stuff - it's just the suddenness of the the two symptoms that rings alarm bells. I think it's swelling in there rather than an elimination issue because I used to feel full and heavy with the incomplete evacuation but not really these days. With the cloudy mucous I am sure it's diet related and think this pregnancy has been a trigger for underlying irritation that if coped with somehow before... We shall see. Not ruling out getting food sensitivity tests done.
And the vit d effect on me wasn't worth the daily discomfort. I'm constantly outside with the buggy and don't use a sunscreen so hope I'm getting enough d!
And no I never ever strain! Not even a little push!