Just noticed bulge 30 yrs old


Hi all,

I am so thankful to have found this website and Christine's work! I am nine weeks pp with my first child and two days ago I was in the shower and noticed the feeling of a bulge that had been there for some time that I guess I was ignoring. I finally took a look at it and was scared and nervous! I didn't think my labor was traumatic, but I definitely did the conventional medicine directed pushing and had an epidural and now feel bad that I caved and got the epidural and couldn't do it naturally because I feel like I was going against what my body wanted to do. I would love to have more children if God blesses us in that way, but I am scared about this prolapse getting worse. I am ready to do the work to help this situation and have ordered the postpartum bundle, but could really use some encouragement. I didn't even know this was something that could happen until two days ago! I have an appointment with a urogynecologist in a few weeks to find out what kind of prolapse I have, but do not want to pursue any of the avenues they may suggest.

Thank you all for sharing your stories and comments. This has been such a refuge in this confusing and frightening time!

You are in the right place. I am 15 months into this work and nearly 3 years PP.

You will not learn anything helpful at the gyno but I realise until you know this work better it may help for you to hear them say it's normal and give you the usual referral to a pelvic physio.

The WW material you have ordered will cover why WW is the only way to manage this and how you can have further children with no issues or at least not make anything worse. Conventional methods will make things worse.

There is a self exam link on the home page or just search self exam on this site. You are the best judge as you can check with your finger when standing. The gyno will assess you lying down and as you will know prolapse is quite different when lying down. They won't believe what you say though so just be warned.

I didn't do anything (as advised) for the first year after discovering a minor rectocele. It got worse and I found this site after that. Of course, I wish I had found this work earlier and probably would have if I had not gone the conventional route where they said, it's normal and only a small prolapse so no running, no lifting (except your baby) and you might be ok for the next ten years and then come back for surgery. They did not say how to walk, lift, sit, what clothes to wear and how suck and tuck posture would make things worse. And they did not discuss the constipation issues I was having (diet related) and what posture I should use on the toilet to stop UTI's and help have BM's - only WW work does this.

Good luck, this work is life saving and life changing.

I hadn't seen that self exam pdf yet so thanks for sharing. My doctors only said "it's not bad" so I didn't really get a diagnosis (as worthless as one is, I suppose). The problem was their response didn't validate the severity of my symptoms months ago. I'm sure they thought they were being encouraging but I just didn't feel supported. They didn't understand my anguish. If I'm not mistaken, the pdf defines only stage 2? So what are definitions of the other stages? I seem to have anterior and posterior bulges not quite *to* the vag opening but just inside. My cervix is felt a fingers length up inside so no uterus prolapse there. To the new mom, be glad you found this site so quickly. It was 10 months PP for me until I found it. I'd been sucking and tucking like mad!! Ugh. At 1 yr PP I'm still progressing. Especially since I found WW.

Thank you both! I had not seen the self exam link and will definitely check it out. I agree I will not learn much from the gyno. When I went to the OBGYN for my 6 week pp appointment she said everything looked perfect when obviously it's not. Thank you for the encouragement and support. Is it normal to start to feel some soreness in the back when you begin to use the correct posture? I'll search the archives too but if anyone has any feedback on this I'd appreciate it!

My prolapse also occurred at age 30, around eight weeks after having my first baby. I was grocery shopping wearing my heavy baby and went from squatting to standing with a heavy shopping basket. I felt it happen at that moment. I called my OB who told me over the phone what it was and to do lots of kegels. I made an appointment with a previous OBGYN who did a lying exam and didn't think it was bad. Finally I found an OBGYN who did a standing exam and official diagnosis but said I should have surgery when I was done having babies. I did find Christine's work eventually but I didn't have the posture right and my prolapse, which I managed with daily kegels, came back, so I went back to my kegels and had another baby without things getting worse. Finally I came back to WW and got the posture right and haven't done the kegels I used to need to feel right in a year. I knew something wasn't right with doing kegels because I had to constantly balance doing enough to feel right but if I did very many I was sore. The WW posture is amazing and my lower back issues I had since a teenager also went away. I hope the posture clicks for you and you feel relief quickly!

I was sore there at first but then my body adapted so not an issue anymore. I wasn't sure if you meant low back or back, as in the area of rectocele? Just to clarify.

I did the self exam and think that I have a stage 2 cystocele. First time mama, the soreness I feel is in my lower back and I assume it's from my muscles getting used to the right posture. I'm glad it went away for you with time! Thank you for the encouragement veggiemom! So thankful for this community.