20 years old with prolapse


Hello I'm new here. 9 weeks ago I had my baby. I was enduced. I only pushed for 45 minutes and my baby weighed 7lbs 2 oz. I am 5 feet and was 135 at the time. I believe I have a rectocele and a urethrocele. I am young and I love running and working out. I am also breast feeding. Is there any possibility this could be temporary? I am getting depressed there are so many things I want to do with my baby boy. I was washing dishes and it started to bleed and I do leak a little. I just want to know if it could be temporary . Has anyone's gone away with time after having a baby? Thank you for your time.

I am an older person but have been reading this amazing web site for 2years now and you r def in the right place! There is hope and much more here. There r others with very similar worries to u and they can help. I have learnt that u cannot rush as it takes the body at least 2years to recover from child birth ,so there is so much time for u but take care. The main thing is to understand the Wholewoman posture and how to use that to help your body repair and allow u safely lift things etc. There is so much info on this site but u will get help very soon from other new Mums and the amazing ladies who have been here for years,with great success ! Congratulations and enjoy your beautiful baby,they grow so fast! U will be able to be active again but take it gradually and read as much as u can here.Take care of yourself ,child birth is amazing but a massive shake up for your body. There is more than hope here! I send u a big hug ! (()) ....:)

I have just checked and if u go to the forum 'Pregnancy and Prolapse' u will c all the answers to many questions just like yours.
On my ipad I just put my finger on the words Pregnancy and Prolapse at the top of this page or by the first lines of your blog on previous page and it goes to that forum. Hope that might help too!

What you are experiencing is very common, and it can take up to a couple of years post-partum for your body to return to normal, or a "new" normal as the case may be. I had real big babies with lots of pushing, and episiotomies, and I was plenty bulgy afterwards, but did not have the internet to research my condition so I never gave it a name. I certainly didn't expect to feel the same after having a baby. I went about my life and things did go back to "normal" after awhile. But I didn't know all the things that were wrong with my posture. I didn't fix that, I wasn't careful about straining on the toilet, I did lots of kegels (don't) and then after menopause my prolapse returned full force.

So, enjoy your babe and try not to obsess too much over the state of your vagina. BUT do take a look around the site and consider embarking upon this postural work. If you have always tended to suck in your belly, that's the number one thing you need to change. Relax it, pull up your chest, and give those organs some space in the lower belly so they aren't crammed into the vagina. This was a big change for most of us, but so worth it. - Surviving

Watch this:

First of all-- Surviving60-- I love this--> "..give those organs some space in the lower belly so they aren't crammed into the vagina." That's a fantastic way to put it and it really creates a nice visual!! Thank you.

To the new mama-- Yes, should feel like there is a lot of hope! You are still very freshly post partum at only 9/10 weeks PP. (I know it doesn't feel that way, though!!) I'm 11.5 months out and I'm still seeing improvements all the time. It's been a rough go but I'm seeing the light! And I only just started doing the WW posture a few weeks ago. Before that I was not helping myself by constantly sucking and tucking and doing all kinds of household and exercise activities the wrong way. Despite all that I was still seeing some improvements, though. My body was trying so hard to heal! Bodies are amazing that way. The hard part of all this is accepting that it does take TIME. That sucks!! But do keep you hope alive and focus on that. Please give us updates. I plan on hanging out here for a while...

I think visualization is very important. I like to imagine myself as the 4-legged animal below the waist! Christine gives us so many good images to help us picture those organs being held forward. - Surviving

Time and youth are on your side! I'm 35 and 10 months pp and like ftmama asserts the improvements can be sloooooow but it you are careful they will happen in time! I still have bad days but I also have great ones too now where I feel pretty terrific. Not normal maybe but a version of me that I can certainly live with. The return of my cycle has helped I think in my case (although the highs are higher and the lows a bit lower).
Anyway I just wanted to offer you some encouraging words. It's a huge shock but you'll be better than fine some way down the road xx