9 months pp and just had first period


Hi all,
9 months ago I had my second baby. I had a cystocele after the first baby.
I have found recovery so much easier this time around until these last few days. After my first
Period since having Bub my bulge has been bigger. Put that with a cough I have had for over a week I just looked and the bulge is bigger than ever. Am so upset :( I think the coughing has made it worse. Will it improve at all? It's actually sticking out of me!! I had no issues during pregnancy intact my prolapse was really good.
I am still breastfeeding.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Feeling a bit scared :(

Hi there I'm in a similar boat. Just got my period back too and it wasn't so bad but thrush/ovulation was awful! I too had the bigger bulge and increased symptoms...but then after a week of feeling awful the last five days have been great - almost symptom free so trust that this is a blip! Coughing certainly won't have helped you but hopefully things will level out soon and you'll see a return to 'normal'. Is it just the appearance of the bulge worrying you? You don't mention other symptoms. If you are not in a lot of discomfort is say you are going to be just fine! Are you doing posture/whole woman workouts? Fire breathing might help you right now. I can't seem to get it down but am working on it!

I occasionally get achy/draggy feelings but other than that no other symptoms. Great to hear your symptoms are better. Yes I need to get back to my ww exercises I think ! Am trying to work on my posture too.