Prolapse at 8 weeks pp - help please.


Hi everyone, I'm new here..

My baby is just over 9 weeks old. I also have a 3yo toddler. I had an induced VBAC labour/epidural/long stage 2/forceps delivery with episiotomy. This has resulted in my baby having torticollis which was diagnosed when he was 3 weeks old, so ever since then I have to do physiotherapy on him 6+ times a day. Prior to that we were dealing with breastfeeding with a severe tongue tie. From week 5-7 I was suffering from terrible coccyx pain - which had got progressively worse since the birth, until I had some chiropractic treatments. With these challenges in addition to the usual newborn stuff, I wasn't focussing on myself.. neglected pelvic floor exercises and probably started doing too much too soon.

8 weeks to the day of the birth, something felt different down below, that tampon falling out feeling which seems to be very common. I am yet to be diagnosed but I'm certain I have uterine prolapse (if not others?). I hadn't had any symptoms prior to this but perhaps it had already happened, just to a lesser degree?

I'm looking for advice and encouragement from those who know about this stuff. I've been googling frantically ever since and feel quite gloomy about it all. Actually that's a massive understatement; I feel utterly devastated and extremely angry that this is something I had no idea could happen, particularly with the sort of birth I had.

I saw my GP last week who examined me lying down and said I just looked normal for someone who had given birth vaginally. She thought I was catastrophising because of all the other stuff I'm dealing with. I'm going back to see another GP tomorrow and will ask for a standing examination this time. I'm also seeing a womens health physio - hoping that as she's more of a specialist that she will actually know how to examine properly and give me some clue what's going on.

In search of hope, I've read that pp prolapse *can* resolve in some cases. But I don't know if mine could come into that category given it happened at 8 weeks pp - is that too long since the birth to have hope? I also stopped breastfeeding at 3 weeks pp due to the tongue tie issues (been there, done that with my 1st and not prepared to do again). Does that mean that any advantage for healing that comes with stopping breastfeeding is long since gone as it's now over 6 weeks ago? My cycle hasn't yet returned and I have no idea what's going on hormonally.

I guess I'm asking for answers that nobody can probably give me.. but I'm asking anyway! I am 41 by the way so whilst not a spring chicken.. not really ready to accept this as the new normal.

Does anyone have anything encouraging to say?!

Thanks :)

Hi Insearchofhope and welcome. We have lots of PP moms on here with a stories just like yours....right down to the timing of the prolapse, the coccyx pain, all of it. You may be feeling alone and afraid but please don't be. You have lots and lots of healing ahead of you. Things sound like they have been a bit complicated in your life since this birth. Try to make some time to look around the website and this Forum and to follow some of the ongoing stories. Here are a couple of things to watch that will introduce you to the posture:

I had two very large babies, and all of my bulginess resolved on its own, at least temporarily. But I had totally wrong posture all my life, and also made the MISTAKE of doing lots of kegeling, so my prolapse returned full force after menopause. Making this posture correction at a younger age, while your body is still healing from birth, is a great advantage.

This is a wonderful community, we will help you get a handle on this. - Surviving

I just wanted to say welcome and add my thoughts on some of the things you mentioned in your post. You seem worried that the prolapse happening at 8 weeks pp means it wouldn't be considered post partum enough to heal or resolve. My prolapses 'happened' at 4 weeks pp with my second baby. I had a similar bad birth and forceps too. Shudder. but looking back I think the prolapse was there all along but that a bout of thrush and bad lifting just made me really feel it and perhaps there was a trigger for your symptoms to become obvious but a degree of prolapse was there all along.
I get the devastation. Really I do. I still feel angry 9 months out but less than I did in the early stages and much less panicky too... I'm having my first post partum ovulation experience and everything feels lower and more irritated than it has in ages which is not fun but I'm hoping for good days again soon. I'm pretty sure my period returning will see me having more really good days but some pretty tough ones with the hormonal fluctuations.... For me, the stuck tamping feeling has been gradually improving to the point it is rare. At 9 months pp I still get achey at times but things feel more stable on the whole and I'm giving myself a good two years to improve before I decide its as good as it gets...
Get out walking if you can. It helps me and lots of others swear by it too. Good luck! X

"Pregnancy and Prolapse" chapter of Saving the Whole Woman, for discussion of why prolapse typically presents itself not immediately after birth, but more often several weeks afterwards. - Surviving