Success (woohoo)! and Support


Success first: so discovered prolapse after 1st baby (told by PT I was a mid stage 2 for front wall prolapse), then which I am eternally grateful for I discovered Whole Woman and a new perspective on life. While pregnant with 2nd baby, my symptoms seemed to disappear from 2nd trimester onwards but I was very worried about what labour etc would do to my prolapse. With all good intentions I unfortunately did a lot of pushing through labour and ended up almost on my back towards the end which was definitely not ideal. Obstetrician said at my 6week postpartum checkup that the prolapse will get worse as it does after subsequent births & intimated that I'd be back to see him for help. Well......I have had no need to (nor would I anyway as I have WW). Was trying hard with my posture especially with breastfeeding and doing the exercises from 2nd wheel dvd. I had a pap smear when I was about 4months pp and doctor said she didn't think I even had a prolapse! I also felt symptom free!

Now hoping for some support: so my darling baby started feeding frequently at night for months after the 4month mark, I stopped the exercises & was pretty tired all the time. I often find myself not in WW posture when standing or sitting on the floor. My baby is almost a year old and my ab muscle separation is 3 fingers wide. Since the return of my period, I feel more prolapse symptoms (but not worse than before 2nd baby so still success!). I think rectocele is more predominant. I'm only managing a bowel movement every 2nd day & the night before a bm when cleaning bottom in shower there feels like a shelf (must be the stool) horizontally across my perineum (feels scary).

Sorry for super long post - haven't been on forum for ages - miss you all & hope everyone is well XO

hi love laugh live,
thank you so much for your post. i'm sure it resonates with many women.
p.s. i'm having to write with 1 hand, so plse excuse lack of capital letters!

the answer to your query is embedded in your post. when you were engaging with the ww posture and exercises you were non symptomatic, when you stopped, for good reason, you got worse again. this is essentially a physical approach. please do your exercises and posture as much as you can. aim for a min 0f 4 times a week for the exercises and ww posture until it becomes 2nd nature… then you will find relief. somehow you need to find this time for yourself.

as a mum we need look after ourselves in order to look after our babies. this work takes precedence over many things; the washing up, cleaning, fb… not the baby though:)

love &best wishes, wholewomanuk

Hi laughlovelive,
I just wanted to add that if you are dealing with the diastasis recti also, you may want to check out Christine's Goddess Belly DVD. She explains what you need to know about this and what you can do.

Best wishes to you!

LLL, is it normal for you to only have a bowel movement once every other day? That might be "normal" for some, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's OK, and certainly isn't an ideal situation for a prolapsed PP mom. Are you sort of chronically constipated, or do you really just go that infrequently? Is this new? - Surviving

Thank you everyone! Excellent advice & I am going to honestly take it on board - it's what I needed to hear! Yes thanks Surviving, I've always been that infrequent or worse so every 2nd day is good but as you say it's not ideal so I'm going to up my nuts, prunes etc. thank you!