pregnant with cystocele


hi 23 pregnant in my second baby im 6 months pregy worried about my cystocele.what is the best posture for me??what are the best exercise?

Welcome back Katy02 :-)

My first thought is to focus on learning, and then living in, WW posture. I looked at your older post and someone recommended a livestreaming option for you, Destination Prolapse Free I think it's called, because you were in the Philippines.

One of the posts that I found on the forum that I thought might be helpful will come up if you type Chickaboom hey abc in the search box. Chickaboom shares some solid advice. I was never aware of any prolapse when I was pregnant or postpartum so I don't have any life wisdom of my own to share.

I hope you decide to fully engage WW work. There are free resources if the livestreaming option is too much.

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Thank you ..

Hi! Congrats on being preg with 2nd! For me, I found the natural pregnant posture best - belly out pretty much plus shoulders down, chest up. I did a lot of cat poses and pelvic circles while on hands and knees and that was also to get baby in good position (first baby was posterior, so I did not want that again). Hope that helps!

Thank you can you give me the link about that pose??? So i could do it correctly?thank worried about my pregnancy i have cystocele : ( and my doctor said about placenta previa : ( :(..

Sorry katy02, I don't have a link but all I was doing was spending time on hands and knees while circling hips around (like what you might do in labour) as well as spending time on elbows and knees when reading or playing with child. I would have read about people doing this on the forum somewhere. Hope that's helpful enough? Let me know if not & see if I can think of anything else.

Ok ok thanks a lot