Feeling alone and anxious


Really I need to know I'm not alone, and that I'm not going to literally fall apart!

I'm 20 weeks pregnant and about two weeks ago noticed a plum sized lump right at the entrance to my vagina. It feels uncomfortable and like it's going to fall out (its protruding slightly as it is.) I went to my GP who couldn't see it at the time (it comes and goes) but said she felt some looseness and thought it was a rectocile. I've noticed it goes away when I rest (but for almost an hour which isn't practical usually!) I also have a small toddler and work so resting just isn't going to happen. I'm worried about making it worse by not stopping when I get symptoms. I'm also worried about giving birth - will pushing cause more harm?! What if "it" comes out with the baby?!! I hate walking around feeling it there, I feel so worried to do anything incase I make it worse! :(

Welcome Mumma_bear :-)

Glad you found the forum! I don't have experience with rectocele and pregnancy, but if you type those words into the search box you'll find posts from women who have been in your situation.

I imagine you'll be hearing from someone else soon. Until then, rest assured that you aren't falling apart and that you have many resources to tap if you embark on on a WW journey. Christine's approach empowers us to know our bodies and work with them in holistic ways that helps heal more than just prolapse.

All the best to you,

Dear Mumma_bear,
I discovered rectocele when pregnant with my 2nd child, and went on to have a third, with no problems as now I know that prolapses just get out of the way during birth. Thankfully I was told not to worry about it and I didn't...

You are blessed finding Whole Woman now with all the information to help you, so focus on the posture, & make sure you eat to support good toilet habits.

There are also some You tube videos, where Christine explains WW and the posture.

I haven't worked out how to include links without losing what I have typed, so I hope this is enough to get you started...

Christine's approach is holistic, & it is a journey of self awareness with our bodies and health and well-being as women.
Welcome to the WW journey,

Best wishes,
Aussie Soul Sister

You are not alone. I'm 29 weeks pregnant and just discovered a rectocele a few days ago. The first time I felt it, I freaked out and went to the Labor and Delivery in case I was in premature labor. By the time I was checked (I was laying back for almost a half hour), the nurse said everything looked normal. I've felt it again a few times since. I was planning on a home birth but I've been worried that the baby might create too much friction against those tissues and make them bleed. It was good to read the previous message saying that the prolapse would move out of the way. My midwife has no experience with this and that worries me a bit. I'm also under OB care because I had several miscarriages and also because according to ultrasound my placenta is low. At this point I worry that It might not be safe to deliver at home and that I might need a c-section because of the low placenta and the rectocele. I have not begun doing any of the exercises.

Hi Serenity and welcome. It is extremely common for new forum members to think that WW is basically an exercise program. Please look around the forum, website and blog, and get an idea about the posture concept. Here is what Christine herself has to say about that common misconception. This will provide you a good overview of the work. - Surviving