First pp period with prolapse


So I'm finding this period has hit me like a freight train... I had expected discomfort but not to be unable to stand for more than a minute or two without feeling like I've been whacked with a mallet in my nether regions.
Can I do elbows and knees at this time or is that bad for the flow? Really feeling rotten today all in all and hoping that this doesn't drag on for another six days. (I suspect it will).

Hi there,
So sorry you're having a hard time. Ugh - brings back memories. (For me - being post menopausal & no periods is absolutely wonderful after a lifetime of period pains!)

Re posture work - cat posture/hands and knees work will be absolutely fine. Work gently with love, maybe even find a gentle rhythm in the work. Also - lots of tlc, hot water bottles and warm easily digestible food and fluid, rest and relaxation.

Thinking of you, xwholewomanuk

I wouldn't - and this is just my personal opinion and intuition. I do feel it's bad for the blood flow at this time.

For your kind responses!
Today is a MUCH better day and has been pain free. I'm also so pleased to report that tampons are pretty comfortable and not leaking so all in all I'm feeling as good as one can about having a period! I will remember the cat posture for the next time. Yes instinctively I felt it would not be good to be tipping everything upside down....

My best guess is that cradling the uterus in this very natural position is just the thing to help with excessive pressure. Tipping the pelvic organs forward relieves any tissue pockets created by a slightly prolapsed uterus, bladder, or sigmoid colon/rectum. If you can relax the pelvic wall in this position you are lowering the sharp angles of the organs to their channels. This helps rather than hinders elimination within all three lumen. On the other hand, pushing the organs to the back in any sort of sucked-in posture or “ab work” is likely to cause a retrograde flow.

For taking the time to give your input on this. I will try this pose the next time. i trust your wisdom and have spent so much time resting and playing on elbows and knees over the last few months it is good to know I can still use this posture the next time when I'm feeling so uncomfortable!