Nearly 9 months pp - more on hormones


As a pp mum when I first came here I devoured posts from other mums with rectocele/cystocele that documented their setbacks and healing. I had been going to post an update at 12 months pp but recent changes have prompted me to write today and I'll post again at 12 months for a 'compare and contrast'!
So the last few weeks has seen a gradual reduction in symptoms. One of the most disturbing things for me was always (tmi alert) feeling my posterior wall bulge before a bowel movement and when gas was passing through. This symptom has been gradually becoming milder and in the last week has been absent. I now feel the pressure where I think I should feel it - namely in my bum.
I have also noticed that my vagina does not feel so irritated internally after a bm or if it does then only for a very short while.
The sensation of trapped air following urination or squatting has also improved so as to be barely noticeable and the 'something stuck' feeling is less frequent or milder too.
Random bowel urges are (touch wood) infrequent...the last one was weeks ago.

All of this coincided with a return of my sex drive a few weeks ago and a general feeling that things were shifting. I was pretty sure I'd be getting my first pp period and sure enough today it has arrived. For the three days prior to this I felt fantastic - almost normal (aside from a bit of discomfort after eating too much and cleaning a bit strenuously).

All of this seems to me to be evidence that hormonal returns to 'normal' pp may help me. Whether this is a masking of symptoms or a measurable improvement or a combination of both doesn't matter to me - the feeling better has given me so much hope...
There is much still to improve on but I pray that time and ww and a positive outlook will continue to help. I'm so thankful to Christine for Whole Woman and the wonderful women on this site who inspire and support each other.

Good post, glad to hear of the progress and do keep us posted. None of this is really surprising. Remember that there are many women (and I am one of them) who didn't do anything about their PP bulges and symptoms. I didn't think it was anything but normal to have all that, and the symptoms did go away on their own, for about a decade at least. Because the WW work did not exist back then, I didn't do anything long-term to help myself, which is why the prolapse returned. I know that you and all the other young moms here will have a better fate! - Surviving