Belly Dance for Birth


I was reading my local women's mag today and it had an article about a women who teaches Belly Dancing for pregnant women to help with labour.

On her site she had this quote:
"'A Bedouin Arab girl learns a pelvic dance during the puberty..and will belly dance, when she is in labour. The belly dance represents the power of women to produce life.' - Sheila Kitzinger1"

She does not talk more about the pelvic floor on her site but I thought but I thought it might be quite inline with WW and maybe of interest for some pregnant women on here. She sells DVD's and stuff - she is just doing the birthing stuff.

Note I am posting this as I thought it might be of interest to some and I know Christine has mentioned belly dancing in her DVD's. I would get some info first from the creator of the DVDs to see if it is in line with WW. I would not want to do anything that was not inline with WW.

The testimonial part of the site is:
Lots of pelvic references. Note I have not watched the video library as my husband is in the room and as I am not pregnant (done at 2) I do not want to begin telling my mechanic bloke why I am watching pregnant women belly dancing. Some of my opening up through WW are best left in the female world I find.

Basically, from the WW point of view - most belly dancing is good - and you don't have to be pregnant to benefit! Look at the lovely lumbar curves, full human extension postures, curved foot arches, embracing of women's curves and individuality, encouraging the pelvic organs forwards, having fun and being sexy…. child birth never looked so good!

Also, stress does not help prolapse, but increased levels of happiness does. So - reduce stress and increase happiness - WW doctor's orders!

:) Xwholewomanuk

Thanks WW UK that's good to know, I can see myself getting into belly dancing when my kids allow me spare time (they are preschoolers).

I used to do this before having kids and loved it! I'm going to look into classes now! I'd forgotten how much fun it was and just wearing the lovely bell laden sashes instantly makes you move differently and encourages you to embrace a beautiful belly!

scary at the moment but sounds good!