I'm not broken!!!!!!!


I want to cross post this everywhere on this site, so anyone can find it! Search my previous posts for my story, and all that jazz. Basically, I'm a 34 yr old mom of three, 13, 3, and 7.5 months. I probably had a cytocelle after my second was born, but never noticed other than leaking when I sneezed. I don't leak now, but I was terrified when, at 3wks pp this last time, I felt a huge bulge coming out! Turns out I had a stage 3 cytocelle. Stage three!!! The OB was like "yeah, it may fall out even more sometimes too, instead of just halfway. Ugh!

Fast forward to now: it doesn't hang out at all!!!!! At. All. At worst, I'll have a feeling of heaviness and do a little Nauli and fire breathing and it pulls right back up! Walking in posture has been my saving Grace. I bought a double jogging stroller because I can tell on the days I don't walk, it's lower but still interior! That's a huge deal! I'd been praying and just wanting to have it on the inside, so I'm over the moon happy (phone is dying will add more ASAP!)

I tried everything before WW. PT, chiropractor, laying down and doing nothing, staying home afraid to move... Hours of bad posture, slumped in my own depression and fear. I couldn't have sex with my husband, it was too painful. Rug burn on a cytocelle. -shudder- but now I can! What made a huge difference was sitting, standing, and MOST of all walking in WW posture! We went on vacation a few weeks ago, and with all the walking I was "forced" (haha) to do, it never fell down! After all the money I dumped into doctor appointments and PT appointments, getting up off my rear and just walking was what finally did it! I also have ditched tight pants and jeans, opting for maxi skirts and yoga pants. It was so freeing to feel like myself again, and I haven't looked back. I bought a double jogging stroller so that I have a huge financial commitment and reason to push myself out the door each morning and go walk! I don't feel paralyzed anymore, and I want to tell every mom I know about this site! With all Christine's books and DVDs, I'm only getting better and stronger. I did notice that when I do dishes I have a unconscious habit of leaning forward and rounding my shoulders while tucking my tailbone, so now I do a baby chair pose while I wash them. Ta da! Problem solved! I am
Really looking forward to all the healing that has yet to happen, but I just had to post this so any newly postpartum moms could see that you aren't going to be broken forever if you do the work!

And Christine, if you ever read this, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul. I wish I could hug you tightly! Thank you for making it your life's work to get this info out to the public. Thank you for making this forum public so I could find it in a frantic google search. Thank you. Dear woman, you are an angel.

And ladies, thank you for posting and being so supportive!!! I seriously have a great love for you all in my heart, and you are angels as well. We are strong women, not content to lay down and let our bodies fall apart. I will tell you, that if I hadn't have found this site, I would be in serious trouble.

I'm only just beginning, and I know that this is a lifelong work, but I'm HaPPY as hell to do it!

Great new! And wishing you continued success on your whole woman journey!

Dear InvertedYogiMama,
Fabulous news!
All the best and thanks for your encouragement for postpartum mums here!

Aussie Soul Sister

What a great result and so fast. You've inspired me to up my walking - and not use winter as an excuse.