I am new to all of this..please help!!! I'm so worried!


I am only 19 and just had my second child (the women in my family go sterile around age 23-25, so I got an early jump on things after highschool). I had my second and then 1 week after was diagnosed with a cystocele and rectocele..after about 2 weeks of freaking out and being discouraged by all the treatment options, I came across whole woman. I am now 3 weeks postpartum and need help dealing with mine! I am doing the WW posture, and I looked up some of the exercises on youtube(first aid for prolapse clip) because with my complicated pregnancy and delivery I have way too much in bills to buy the DVD or book..so if someone could maybe give me some tips on what to do, that would be very much appreciated! My questions include:
Should my back be achy after starting these exercises and changing to the WW posture?
If you looked the video I mentioned above up, what additional exercises should I do to those, and how long and often should I do them?
I believe my GYN said that both of my 'cele are only stage 2, so how long should it be before I see improvements in my symptoms, and how long till it's going to start to reverse itself?
Once it is all better, do I need to continue with the exercises everyday for the rest of my life to avoid a relapse?
I know this is a lot of questions, but my GYN can't answer any of them and I'd like some opinions to give me a boost of hope that my life isn't ending lol
Please, I'm stressing out and just want things to go back to normal down there, it's uncomfortable and a constant reminder that I'm limited..
Help me!!

Hi from another Mum,

You are in the right place. Sorry you had to get this so young but on the plus your body will be in a great place to respond well. There is a two year healing window PP so three weeks PP is a great time to sit up straight, relax your belly and get into WW posture. We can't reverse prolapse and go back to our old ways without a relapse but with WW posture we can make a huge difference and maybe reverse things a bit. Being only 19 you may be able to really make a huge change to your prolapse but the only way to know is to throw yourself into this work. I know Christine has mentioned that she has worked with 16 year olds. I am not sure of the progress they made but I am sure she helped them enormously.

WW is a way for the rest of your life but as you make the postural changes they will become the norm and you will find a lot of positives in them.

Have you done much reading on this forum? There is so much info on here that can help along with You Tube and the blog.

When you can invest in some material I recommend the book Saving the Whole Women and 1st aid for prolapse DVD. Do you need to pay for your gyno or a PT? I assume you have been referred to one. I ask as you could delay the appointments and invest in the material and throw yourself into WW work and then see if you still want the appointments.

Many of us would not be surprised that your gyno could not answer your questions. They don't have many options and they know it. The PT will be no different. You can search on here what others have said about this as everyone seems to have the same story no matter what part of the world they come from. Mine were very nice people but had no idea. My PT even showed me a picture of my organs going straight up (like a newborn). They actually form a right angle and sit in our lower belly :o)

Hugs to you and your new baby from down under.

I went in for a check up because I felt the bulge and didn't know what to make of it, she told me I had a little bit of a prolapse and that she would check it again at my postpartum check up which is in 2 weeks to see if I would need any kind of treatment but that she doubted it. I'm going to have her check me for uterine prolapse, because every morning when I first sit up I feel something move down in my abdomen and with my current situation I am paranoid as can be. I read a bunch of horror stories and don't want to have all my organs fall out of me and be sewn shut :(
I'm sorry I'm ranting, I just am having trouble wrapping my head around it all and can't shake this feeling that my body is going to give out at any minute

Hi youngmommy,
It really isn't uncommon to be having a lot of these feelings postpartum, and don't worry about your uterus falling out and having to get sewn up. i have been managing a profound uterine prolapse for almost 3 years now very successfully with the whole woman work. The uterus can drop down pretty dramatically in some cases, but it is the most uncommon of the prolapses and is held up by some pretty strong ligaments.

You are still so early on postpartum in a 2 year window of natural healing. Your physician is actually correct in saying that it will probably heal on its own, but how long that takes is really individual.

That's where the whole woman work comes in. Getting your body back to its natural posture will not only help you along now, but also years into the future, so you won't have to develop prolapse at an older age.

Save your money and when you can invest in some of Christine's materials, please do. She explains everything so very well. My suggestions for starting out would be Saving the Whole Woman book and The First Aid for Prolapse DVD for starters.

In the meantime, read all you can on this site, you will at least be able to get started on the posture work from reading around here.

Just wanted to welcome you and tell you not to worry so much. You are so young that natural healing is really on your side, and with whole woman behind you even greater benefits in the future.

Just to second the comments made above and add my welcome to you too!
I can't find the thread on here but read a comment that Christine herself had written about the phenomenon of prolapse resolution in young women and think that you of all people will surely do well if you are careful and look after yourself. Getting the posture right should help immediately with the symptoms. Take care and try to rest as much as you can with two kids for the next few weeks.

That really helps me feel better..I'll definitely be getting those since it's been recommended by so many so far. I'm going to give my grandmother a call and tell her about whole woman, she has been suffering for years with a vaginal prolapse and a failed vaginal mesh surgery that really hurt her body. I think this will be her saving grace.
Another quick question if you guys dont mind, I have some strange hobbies, such as LARPing and parkour. Something tells me these are passions I won't be able to ensue any longer, which really stinks because they were my workout regimen. What other core exercises could I do to help get back into pre-pregnancy shape that are safe and won't aggravate the prolapse? Or is that explained in the DVD?
You guys are great. I don't know anyone who lives near me who is dealing with this, and my grandmother lives literally on the other side of the country. So, its a huge relief to have people to talk to about this, thank you

Thank you, and I'll try! With a toddler and a newborn, rest is a thing of the past!

What is larping and parkour? I haven't heard of these, but if they have you sucking in your belly and center on core strengthening, then they wouldn't be good for prolapse.

LARPing is Live Action Role Play, it's what they do at medieval times when they have the "knights" battle. There are many types, but I focus on sword play. It's not so much about core, as much as all over. I worry because there is a lot of jumping around to avoid being hit with a sword, so I didn't know if that could be bad. However, parkour is a core focused workout. It's also known as free-running. If you have no core muscle, you can't do it. If you're interested, look it up :)
I hate that I'll have to give that up, they are great and fabulous workouts and hobbies, that really gave me a stress relief I couldn't get from just tending my garden or reading a book.
Maybe after I understand my body and prolapse more I'll be able to find a way around using my core a lot, and just pull back on how much I exert myself during these.

I did look that up. My nephew does that! You don't have to give up your activities, you just have to be mindful that you try to do everything in the best whole woman posture you can. Maintaining your pelvic organs in your belly is the focus, so they don't fall back into the vagina causing the bulgy feelings.
I do all sorts of things that I didn't even do before finding prolapse, and I'm much older.

So have fun, jump around, but remember to get that posture down. Don't be discouraged about getting it right away either. For many of us it has taken some time.
Best wishes to you!

P.s. I did also look up the parkour. That one you would really have to be much more mindful in doing. Core strengthening is so detrimental to prolapse, so if you can do those moves without tightening your belly, that would be great. We are really all works in progress.

Does he really? That's awesome!
I'll focus on using more leg and arm than core muscle from now on, but it will be about 3 months before I even think about starting up again on that so I'll definitely have time to figure out what my body and prolapse can handle.
Again, you guys are so helpful, I'm really grateful to what you and this site has to offer :)

Hi! I was just logging on here for the first time since may to post about my success at 7mo pp, and saw your post. I can totally relate to the fear and the freaking out and the worry of never being able to do the things you love again! My quick tips would be to ditch anything tight around your waist, no my brestfriend nursing pillow either because it wraps around your waist, to sit up in posture all the time and lay down when you can't (I have three kids 13, 3, and 7mo so I just do what I can), and WALK in good WW posture being mindful NOT to clench your pelvic floor muscles.

I was told I have a stage 3 cytocelle and possible tiny rectocele (which doesn't bother me). The bulging out of my cytocelle made me cry every day until I found this site! It will take time and patience, but you will be able to get better! I'm not walking around with my insides falling through my vaginal opening anymore! It's amazing!!! I even went on vacation two weeks ago, and not once did things fall down and out. Walking was the kicker for me! Slow and in WW posture, until you are confident enough to go at a fast walk.

Think of now as a body vacation. You should focus on what you CAN do, not what you can't do. I've also found that the fear literally makes things fall inside my body. It's as if my hormones trigger something and it would fall down and out. Find a way to breathe and calm yourself when you start to spiral out of control. It will be okay, trust us!

I have a very supporting boyfriend that is great at calming me down when I go into freakout mode lol! am finding it difficult to keep the WW posture because holding my body in the new position is cause some pain, such as in my ribs. I know it will go away with time, but sometimes I just have to lay back or slouch a little to get relief! Also since I started WWP, I've been feeling weird twinges of pain in my lower abdomen that have me a bit worried, but they arent unbearable so much as irritating. Anyone got an idea what that might be????

It SO helps to have support. It was the same for me when I first started. I'd get the achiness in my shoulder blades. Tweak it a bit, and be sure it's not too forced. More like lengthening your spine, opening your collar bones up to the sky and elongating/relaxing your belly. I had those exact lower ab twinges too!!! I have no idea what they were, but they stopped after a week or two. Maybe it's things repositioning? It'll go away, I'm sure. Keep up the good work! :)

A lot of those twinges are probably as you have just had a baby so using your muscles and spine in this new way will be work. I still get some twinges now and a get a sore tailbone but I know things are improving. I am beyond that 2 year PP window for healing unfortunately so go for it while you can. Did you get any material as it goes through things so well.

as it turns out, I also have a tilted uterus. Yay...
isn't that the first sign of uterine prolapse?
I can't take any more of this. 3 prolapses?! I'm losing my mind..


I had a tilted or retroverted uterus from the time I was really young, went through three births and still couldn't feel my cervix until my uterus completely prolapsed at 50. With this work, woman can also work on getting the uterus to antevert or fall forward into the lower belly where it belongs.
There is probably a large group of us out there, and some will probably never know they actually have it. The drawback to having a retroverted uterus is that it can rest back on the rectum causing constipation, especially before our periods.
So, I wouldn't worry too much about it, just start working on the whole woman posture and practices.
I have actually been able to pull mine away from my rectum with this work, not completely anteverted yet, but getting there.

You are only 5 weeks postpartum, and you've barely begun the healing process. Hormones still all out of whack. Possibly comparing this to your first birth experience, which is always the wrong thing to do.....your body changes each time. I wish that you could just relax and work on the posture, take walks if you have time, enjoy your family, and don't squander this important time in your life obsessing over your vagina. You will be fine, and you have an advantage many of us didn't, by coming across this knowledge at a young age. You can and will get your organs to return to a better place. But your family needs a mom who is not freaking out. Your situation is shared by more women than you can possibly imagine. It gets better. - Surviving


Hope you're listening to Aging Gracefully and Surviving 60. These ladies know their stuff!

What I noticed about your post is how your thoughts might be tripping you up. Provide the right frame and you can marshal your resources in ways that will support yourself and your pp healing and ensure that you're there for your family.

You have landed on the WW forum which is very, very fortunate. This community is one of holistic empowerment and I hope you'll get the most out of it by engaging this work along with us. I'm not suggesting that you skip the mourning, I don't think that's wise either. Just don't let your thinking get the best of you. Translate three prolapses into something that elicits the response, "I've got this" because...you do!


Hi YoungMommy

I second the support provided on here. I do remember when I was 19 I had a lot of trouble with anxiety, partly caused by my age, my hormones and my upbringing (very anxious, bit removed parents busy working, and shopping). I just wanted to say best of luck. What helped me was coming across very empowering strong women who dealt with things in a positive and calm way (this site is a good source for that). Meditation and reading books and going to courses about how to be calm and different ways to look at things helped me. My anxiety was more general but absolutely contributed to my prolapse. I was always tense, holding my body tight all the time for fear of what might happen if I let go.

I know this may not apply to your situation at all and it's hard with young kids to focus on you but I wanted to wish you all the best. You will be such an amazing strong and empowered women in your 20s. This work can really unlock that door. I don't meant to say you are not amazing now, you are no doubt dealing with much more serious stuff than many 19 year olds but I still think that aging helps things and late teens is such an age of change.