Should I stop checking?


So, as I mentioned in my first post, I've caught my celes early and am asymptomatic. I have bulges but they aren't causing problems with anything and I don't feel anything when I'm just doing my thing. I only know they're there when I check manually.

Problem is that I'm feeling good about what I'm doing during the day with walking and sitting, and I started stretches and new kegels today (got my yoga mat in the mail and going to open my WW materials tomorrow), but I was discouraged when I checked things before bed and my rectocele was bulging out and my cystocele was worse than I've ever felt.

I was checking things so I could make note, but should I stop and just focus on doing the work? I just hate being discouraged right before bed.

Hi Ellian,
When I was early into this work, I did check things all out, but at times it would distress me. Our pelvic organs are always on the move, and especially at my age, I am always going to have a certain amount of bulge here and there, off and on.
I actually did also have the bladder prolapse that I didnt even notice at first, but it's there too. I was more concentrated on getting my uterus up in there that other bulges just didn't matter to me. Doing the work helps allieviate the bulgy feelings, but the bulges themselves will probably always be there to some degree. And, that's ok.

I'm trying so hard to find the balance of doing the work but also not letting all this keep me from my life. It's just been a shock to me - I'm only 28!! And I have two little ones who don't understand why I can no longer do things I could before. So I'm just doing my best to be in posture and do the exercises and that will have to be enough until they're older and don't need me as much physically.

Once you become more confident and stronger in posture, you will find you can do anything you did before. I have profound uterine prolapse and I am always pushing the boundaries. I do things now that I wouldn't even have thought of doing before I had a prolapse to worry about. The bulges really won't be the main focus, but moving on and living your life will.

I think your body is more resilient than you may think and in no time you'll feel more able to do things without fear. Ive posted about this recently to another newbie but I definitely had a cystocele after baby one, was told I had no prolapse and slipped off into the sunshine. I've only been symptomatic since baby two. After the first baby I did nothing right - slouched, lifted heavy stuff etc etc. had I been looking in there all the time if have freaked out!
No more looking! I don't look now simply because I reckon the bulges may always be there but if I have a day of not feeling them I'm pretty ecstatic!

Hi Everyone!
I'm becoming addicted! Every afternoon, I find myself rushing to the computer to see what new wise words and practical suggestions have been posted on the WW forum! I must admit that after reading the letter on the home page about those without a uterus probably having lots of difficulty with prolapse because we've lost the "hub" our uterus, I felt really discouraged. Considering that I can't undo the Hysterectomy, I just need to live with it. I began to ponder all the wonderful ideas that I've gleaned from this forum, the things that I started using that has made such a difference, like wearing the V brace support, and especially using the raw honey. I realized that even though I found this website late, it is helping me tremendously and I am truly grateful. Thank you!

Very good to hear, Meems! There are many benefits to the whole woman work, and don't be discouraged, every bit does help in some way or the other.

Dear Meems,
I know what you mean... WW addict for 3 yrs here.

I have learned so much and hope that I have helped others.

Christine's work is so holistic that over time I hope you will glean as many benefits as we have here, and just by being here, and managing post surgery, you will encourage many others in the same boat and give them hope.
Definitely an eye - opening journey with Christine's Priceless Pearls of Wisdom!

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

I watched through both parts of the beginning exercise on the First Aid dvd and figured I start with that for awhile along with WW posture during the day.

Should I do firebreathing too or wait on that? Is there a demonstration on one of the dvd's? What Christine described in the book sounds different than what I'm finding on youtube and I want to make sure I'm doing it correctly.

(btw the book is amazing and I'm singing it's praises to so many friends!)

Dear ellian,
As you do the WW work you will have ups and downs.
I think when we are tired at the end of the day it is not a good time to check.
Concentrate on sleep and in time things will improve - often things are less bulgy in the morning...

You do have youth on your side to make WW a great investment in yourself for the rest of your life and unlearn habits more easily than perhaps when older.

You also have the chance to model the posture to your children, and help protect their natural development and maintain it while they are younger and more receptive to what Mum does!
I would do love to do that with a little one now with my WW insight!

I had my children in my early 30s and became symptomatic then.. & waited a long time to find an alternative to surgery with WW.

Much Big Sister Love to all the younger ones here from,
Aussie Soul Sister

Go to the Dictionary of Movements in the Dvd. Christine explains firebreathing and describes all the other movements in detail.

Can you explain these terms to me?

Hi Sandy,
Meems is referring to the V2 supporter which some of us that have the more profound prolapses use. It's just used for a little extra support during more active days. I wear one for my walking.
The raw honey is used vaginally for the dryness that menopause can create. It feeds the natural bacteria in the vagina.
Have you had a chance to read up on the whole woman posture? Christine Kent has brought us the most extensive information to help us with our prolapses.