Sorry to ask another question....

With POP, would the bulges be more pronounced if ones bladder or colon was full? For example...I've woke up this morning with the extreme urge to urinate, yet no bulge? My colon must be full 100% too as I haven't been the toilet since yesterday morning. Or is this not the case?

I am post-menopause and have cystocele and rectocele, and I do not necessarily find my symptoms to be worse when bladder or colon are full. You will get different answers to this question I'm sure. From what I have read, your symptoms are relatively mild. As you get further and further into this work, you will realize even more, just how mobile the organs are, and which kinds of things make your symptoms fluctuate the most. - Surviving

What constitutes a bulge? Is it normal to see some of ur vaginal wall after having a baby? Standing up if u looked at me with a mirror you can hardly see the bulges. The bulges only appear when i strain on the toilet for a poo. The bulge isn't round or circular it's just as if the wall moves downwards and inwards. It is only at the introitius not beyond the entrance. With these symptoms can you see this only being mild? And therefore most likely to improve as the weeks go on? I am totally obsessed over this to the point I cannot concentrate on anything else. I am in bitter tears morning noon and night. My son is suffering. I am just distraught as to how I am going to live a normal life after this. Both bulges aren't smooth either they just look like vaginal rugae. I am devastated by this.

My dear, you are staring and obsessing over your perfectly normal post-partum vagina all day long. You hardly even have any actual prolapse symptoms, from what I can tell from your posts so far. You have a family that is suffering from this. You had a classic panic attack that took you to the emergency room. You have your father's diagnosis to deal with. And your hormones are raging. There may be more going on with you, than we can help you with on this forum. Please go and find someone you can talk to about how all of this is affecting you (counsellor, clergy, friend or other family member). You can keep posting here, and the wonderful women here will continue to offer suggestions or just listen to you. But we are not medical people nor are we counsellors qualified to give advice in situations like yours. - Surviving

Here is a good article I found on postpartum depression:


Well worth reading for any new moms out there.

Yes kp your symptoms sound very mild. In fact I would consider them totally normal pp symptoms - a baby just went through there, you're going to have to expect some amount of mobility from your pelvic organs. That's what makes your body able to carry a baby and give birth. It's a blessing that we don't have tight immobile vaginas and pelvic organs isn't it??

Well I had my appointment at the urogynaecologist today who insisted that what I have is vaginal laxity due to childbirth which she said is pretty normal and there is no sign of prolapse. She regards herself a specialist in this area but I am confused as to why I have bulges, the tampon feeling and the bowel issues now and again? Could it be just me overall pelvic floor is weak due to childbirth and will just recover in time? Or should i question her diagnosis. Such a confusing and worrying time x

Your symptoms don't sound any different than the ones I had 30 years ago after giving birth. You have to realize that, yes, this is pretty normal, as the ladies keep telling you. If at some point you do end up with more bulginess down the road, you have the whole woman work to help you along. That's why it is is so important to get started with this work now. Go to the whole woman store and look into the postpartum bundle. This one has helped so many of our new mothers to get a better understanding of what's happening to their bodies and what to do about it.
It's time to start being proactive. It's also time to stop obsessing about your vagina and start spending more quality time with your baby.
And, if you haven't read the postpartum depression link I posted above, you probably should, because you should't be spinning out of control the way you appear to be doing. Get some help if you need it, everyone needs that from time to time.

Sounds exactly like my useless 'diagnosis'. Maybe this will help you - after my first baby I was sure I had a bladder prolapse. The doctor said - no prolapse - I believed her and went off feeling a bit bulgy now and then but totally fine by five months. I reckon I may have had the bladder prolapse all this time but the key here is I didn't look again! And I felt TOTALLY FINE! this could be you in a few months. Now I'm still healing from a forceps birth and a traumatic delivery but am hopeful that I can be asymptomatic again.
You will regret it if you don't try to pull yourself out of this slump a bit. Some women have their organs poking out of them during the pp phase!