Hi everyone,

Just a few more questions. Besides the posture and the non straining with bowel movements, do you have any other recommendations that I can put in place now to start the healing process. In regards too diet? What type of foods would you find 'universally' work - reason I ask is that it is such an individual thing I am trying to incorporate the main things that help. Lots of water do you find that helps? My baby is formula fed (not through choice) therefore wondering how you would think would be best to sit whilst doing so? Also changing nappies etc is all fours best for this?
I think I hit rock bottom today, and it's time I try and accept that this is going to be a work in progress and cannot dominate the time off I have with my beautiful gift. What I would ask though is at the moment, as I am experiencing the whole dragging down feeling we dread, is it best to lay off my feet as much as possible? Or can I incorporate some light exercise as in walking with the pram in posture?

I'd also like to ask one final question - on cervix position. Is this naturally lower postpartum? Mine seems to be about 3/4 of the way up from my middle finger. I am menstruating however (gross I know) but I am wanting to check to ensure things aren't worse than I thought.

I appreciate all the kind words and support, this website really does give me the hope that things will get better.

(6 weeks post partum)

Quality rest is certainly important, but getting off your feet when the bulge is at its worst isn't always possible or even helpful. Gravity, belly breathing and correct spinal shape are what pin the organs in place over the pubic bones. You are probably about ready to start learning firebreathing, which is an essential tool.

Food is just one of those topics that we talk about all the time here. I wouldn't say there is anything "universal" but you can read and follow the forum discussions and use the search box.

And if you haven't already, get hold of the book and basic DVD and maybe Yoga 2nd wheel as well. - Surviving

It really is an individual thing - some members find an anti-inflammatory diet to be very helpful for rectocele (search on this) and maybe just try eating 'sensibly'. Whole foods, minimal processing, rainbow colours for fruit and vegetables, plenty of fluids. In my case, too much food makes me feel crappy so I try to eat lighter than I ever did before this happened. Also too much refined sugar makes my bowels twitchy the next day - yuck.
Also you are not breastfeeding so perhaps you'll find a glass of red wine in the evenings relaxes you and it's on the anti inflammatory list too!
I must sound like the whole woman booze queen - I have just realised I'm always advocating red wine in the evenings!

Good suggestions Miss D - I think everyone should be eating like this, not just the prolapsed among us. I'm with you on the red wine thing! - Surviving

Am I glad to find red wine in the list of anti inflammatory diet! I raise a toast to you Surviving and Diagnosed.:) Life on this forum only seems to get better and better.

So when did you all find you came to a point where your day isn't revolved around prolapse? At the minute I'm so scared picking my baby up the wrong way sitting the wrong way walking round too much I feel like everything is inhibited. I'm only six weeks post partum of course I have clearly been naive thinking that the whole 'six weeks check' was the time I should have felt ok by. Whereas I seem to have gone in the opposite direction :( am I just going to have to be patient with my body here and well basically pray for the best? X

And you'll maybe have read on the forum about the possible worsening around about 3 months pp so don't freak out with changes in the coming weeks.
are you feeling awful or just uncomfortable and weird? When I found my prolapses I had burning and stinging and irritation and heaps of discharge for the first two months but this all died down. The ache and heavy feeling mostly went by 4-5 months. Now it's mostly just irritating 'something's there' feelings and bowel issues (I have to eat well and dress carefully). The baby is 8 months today and I can truly say I'm better than I was at 3 months pp and am hopeful for more improvements when my period kicks in. I still think about this on a daily basis but can also have great days and am not controlled by the fear anymore. You are lucky to be here so early instead of wasting time with useless kegels.
Be patient!!!!! Can you download a hypnosis track to play before bed to help you relax? Search 'hypnosis for healing' and see what you can find. You are too too stressed and it's going to be detrimental to your overall well being. Easy for me to say having been where you are but this is a marathon not a race. Believe me I wake up many days thinking - hmm this again! But I get on with it and find that the busier I am the better.
Your body is still in the early phases of recovery. You need TIME and lots of it. I've decided I'll wait the full two years before evaluating my baseline. So many people here describe 3-9 months pp as the worst for postpartum Pop and I've read many posts describing 18months as a turning point for pp rectocele. That's a long way to go. I don't want to wish my baby's early years away so I'm trying to live in the moment.

Please get started on the postural work as soon as you can. You will feel better both mentally and physically once you really engage in this work. It takes no time out of your day - it just takes an understanding of the posture and the mindfulness to train your body/mind to do it automatically. Don't just fret over this, take action. - Surviving

The only symptoms I have are the achiness towards the end of the day, the feeling that something's there, and throughout the day sometimes feeling like my rectum is full but I can't get nothing out. Sometimes I wonder if that's all in my head sometimes tho bcos I'm constantly checking if I need too. Of a morning I can generally go to the toilet fine. I have had my period return and I've noticed I look more 'bulgy' and the heaviness has gone worse but I've had no other symptoms touch wood. With my period returning could this mean things begin to improve when I've finished menstruating? I've been a bit of recluse for the past two weeks since I realised my POP and I took myself out for a few hours today and tried to maintain posture always. Can't say it's something that comes naturally to me I was 100% a sloucher probably even through my pregnancy. I just can't imagine my life bein 'normal' at the moment and how it will unfold with this discovery. Will I have sex again? Will I be able to walk around without constantly feeling 'something there' will I be able to have a day i don't fret about using the toilet? I think I hit a turning point today after taking myself over the hospital last night after having very close to a nervous breakdown. I was literally shaking all over couldn't breathe and was uncontrollable. Now this isn't just down to prolapse it's also down to the recent diagnosis of my fathers MND which I've also had to come to terms with since the birth of my son, but I can honestly say that the POP issue is the one dominating near enough my every thought. Selfish and self centred of me I know. I wonder if anxiety and stress is delaying the healing process also. Trying to find the inner strength that all you women have is hard. I never thought I'd have this to deal with on top of everything else and I'll admit I am severely struggling x

You sound like your symptoms are quite mild relatively speaking so take heart from that. I'd say don't necessarily trust your body every time you get a weird urge like you need to run to the bathroom - often times I think this is just a sagging in there that triggers this urge. I get this too and usually I don't have to go at all.
Lots of women find improvements after their period ends and with general return of hormonal balance. Things are still tightening up in there as well.
I really really recommend looking into relaxation methods. It will be time well spent if you can relax a bit and please be kind to yourself. promise me that you will do something lovely tomorrow? A little treat just for you - spend some money on new shoes, go out with your family somewhere nice, take a bath with essential oils - whatever floats your boat!
And yes you will have sex again and it will be great!
Night-night. Xx

It does take time but it also takes understanding of the body and that will come with the reading and learning and using Christine's resources. The more I understood about my anatomy and the more I could translate that to my movements the less fear I had.

Can you have a consult? I was just thinking how the wisdom of the WW practitioners may help you to grasp the posture much faster and they will also point out the main areas for you to work on. I know it costs but if it could help your anxiety a lot it might be worth considering it. Having said this I did not have a consult until I was a year into this but in hindsight I should have done it earlier. I knew that at the time too but was caught up in my own learning and trying to find the time and all putting others first and all the selfless things we do as mothers.

And yes POP did dominate my thoughts until I understood the posture and applying it started to become the norm. At just over a year in to WW work, it is still a big part of my thoughts but does not dominate them now. You do need to focus on the posture to make change though so I think that is normal.

Yes you can be fine with sex again, there is a lot on this forum about how helpful it is. You may want to wait until you are ready or read about how women alter positions. I don't like missionary now as I don't like my husbands weight on my tummy (even if he tries to keep the weight off). Others still use this position though.

Re holding your baby if you can grasp the posture quickly (hence I mentioned the consult) it will help you so much as your babies lovely body can mold to yours and the weight from him help you to bring the organs forward. There are women on here that use slings and posts about how they adapt them to WW posture. I used a sling with mine when I had a very minor prolapse with only occasional symptoms and I did not know about WW posture. My prolapse got worse but it did take a year to get worse and I was constantly wearing her with the wrong posture. I tell you this not to make you fearful but to say how robust our bodies are. I really believe you are not going to do more damage in a matter of days or weeks so if that helps you to relax while you learn the posture then go for it. Stress and the shallow breathing it causes is not helpful as you mention.

Best wishes for a better day. Sending hope waves your way.
2 years PP

Oh one more thing kp1,
you do have the inner strength you mention, you are using it all right now being here and seeking help and open to managing your POP naturally and doing the hard work it takes. The rewards will come and they are terrific.