Rectocele Musings


Just wondering if any of the following phenomena apply to any other ladies with this cele.

1. I don't fit the typical pattern of feeling best in the morning and worse as the day goes on. If anything I feel much more stable from mid-afternoon onwards and even on a symptomatic irritated or random bowel urges day, I'll feel more or less pretty good by four o'clock. I'm wondering if this is something to do with my colon filling up and stabilising things? Doesn't seem to match the descriptions of worsening ache or bulging etc that many seem to experience.

2. When my bladder is full and I need to pee I also feel better. After I empty my bladder I have a brief period of feeling prolapses more and then return to a more stable state after a few minutes. Again I'm Wondering if the 'celes are closing off space when my bladder is full to make the airless vagina conditions in which sensations are not so noticeable?

3. Shortly after I discovered both prolapses and the rectocele in particular became symptomatic, I could feel gas rippling through the length of my vagina from quite high up. The same was true for bowel movemts. Now the sensation is mostly only low down close to my perineal area and sometimes not at all. Could I tentatively take this as a good sign that the 'elevator doors' are pulling tighter together and that the damaged fascia are not letting the tissues collapse as much as in the early pp months?

If you are staying in good posture throughout the day, there is no reason to feel worse as the day goes on. it actually makes sense that you would feel better - posture works with our breathing and with gravity. For me, a long long walk is great.

I thinking waking up fairly unsymptomatic, and worsening as the day wears on, is more typical of newbies who haven't gotten the posture thing down yet. In addition, any and all of us can do things during the day that are not prolapse-friendly, and be paying for it by the end of the day. But on the whole, I think that if you are experiencing a lessening of the bulge as the day wears on, that's a terrific sign that you are doing something right. - Surviving

I've been diagnosed with cystocele quite some time ago but not 100% sure if that's what it actually is and am not going back to re-check as a new diagnosis could well depend on the position I happen to be in during the examination and whether my organs have been moving around (which is common, apparently). I'll just say that I definitely feel best in the morning. I also walk for about 2 hrs in the afternoon on a nearly daily basis in WW posture and feel absolutely fine while doing this. It's after I RETURN from my walk, usually in the late afternoon hours, that I start to feel my bulge more.

No your comments are helpful. You are right that we all experience this differently. I'm trying to get a measure of progress I suppose (painfully slow but there all the same).
I'm trying nauli and firebbreathing and they seem to help a bit. After a panicky time pressured morning (can't go can't go can't go many bathroom trips) I am realising I'd better learn to relax a bit more about this so that my return to work in a few months doesn't cause me undue morning anxiety.

Thanks for your thoughts. It's a comfort to know I must be getting things at least part-way right! The walking always helps me no end and I actually feel pretty gross immediately first thing in the morning until I've been to the bathroom, then a bit uncomfy when I've emptied my bowels then a walk seems to massage all the tissues into a better place again. Housework still takes its toll but I'm learning to live with dusty skirting boards!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just walk around feeling good all day long!