So, I'm 8 days post partum with my third (and last) child and I've been struggling since a few weeks before giving birth with what I now know is a rectocele and have since discovered a cystocele too, quite possibly the other kind too.
I'm quite uncomfortable because of them and have to push them back into place while on the toilet, which is pleasant obviously.
I see there are many others here in or have been in a similar boat... But I don't have the time ATM to wade through all the posts im afraid. But I have seen its all about posture?
I have some complicating factors in that I have a chronic pain condition which quite probably affects my posture significantly (thoracic outlet syndrome which I have had unsuccessful surgeries to try and sort out) but since the surgeries I have 4 ribs less with only an increase in pain :( and I have a bad ankle after a poorly healed fracture due to missed diagnosis so I know this affects my standing position and the way I walk...
So, that's me I guess. It's all feeling like a bit of a train wreck down there. Oh relevant or not? I also suffered quite badly with pgp/spd during pregnancy and am still to a lesser extent now, but still quite painful.
Thanks all :)

I just wanted to say hello after reading your post and congratulations on the birth of your baby!
In this very early pp stage things are bound to be at their worst and I'm sure will improve greatly soon. When I joined the forum I was having a lot of horrible rectocele symptoms and was advised to get onto elbows and knees with bum up and belly relaxed a few times a day for relief which helped me then and still helps a lot.
For your current situation, I've heard of people getting phone or Skype consultations with ww trained practitioners. With the complexity you describe and your lack of time right now this might be an idea?
More knowledgeable members will jump on soon to give you more information but in the meantime please rest and stay hopeful.

Hi Naturalmama,
Congrats on your baby but sorry you are having a hard time. I am 2.5 years PP and have all 3 prolapses. I am one year into WW work and 2 years into prolapse. Mine started with recotcele mild and progressed to all 3 a year later and then I found WW. I didn't put the time into research either as was a very natural Mum too carrying my daughter everywhere and that was my proirity plus mine started off as minor and I was told to do nothing. Do the best you can as I know it is so hard to find time and the emotional energy.

You can do a skype consult with Christine. I got confused as it says phone consult but it is definitely Skype. Maybe with your rib situation that would help.

If you look in the store on here - I love the book saving the whole women and 1st Aid for Prolapse DVD as it is so good for day to day and showing how to do many of the ballet moves. If you can destination for prolapse offers all of this plus the consult and more. This is just my opinion on what to start with and help you get right into the work quickly.

Go the down on all fours with a relaxed belly. Picture below. Christine sways gently from side to side too. This helps get BM down for elimination. I have to do this at least once a day for a few minutes.


Best of luck and keep in touch as there are so many PP Mums and others on here who will help with advice and support.


Just a note to say congratulations on your new baby and all the advice from the ladies above is brilliant.
I will just add that the videos by Christine have a wealth of information, including posture, and can be found if you click on the Resources tab at the top of this page.

Hugs & all the best to you,
Soul Sister

Eight days PP is certainly a bit early to know where you are at, so take it easy for now. Do make use of that great floor position from A&L's link posted above. Get the feel of having those organs resting in the lower belly and away from the vaginal space - great relief, and that is the dynamic we are going for with the postural work....a return to natural female spinal shape. You do clearly have some other issues. But here are a couple of clips to introduce the concepts: