My birth story.. i listen to my body not the nurse.


My Dr scheduled me for induction on Saturday 6am because I have passed my due date and my prolapse is so uncomfortable I'm also having very strong contractions that aren't regular which my Dr referred to as false labor but believe me they aren't false labor those were real true labor contractions. I arrived at the hospital later than the scheduled time around 7am on my arrival the nurse to induce me have left so other nurses attended to me and were ready to induce labor for me. I was asked to lie down for vaginal exam and to the nurses surprise I was already ditated to 6cm but no regular contraction whatsoever! You See; I told you those contractions I was having were really real contractions! The nurse attending to me decided not to use the prescribed tablet for induction but to call my Dr for advice.. I guess I my Dr prescribed drip for the induction and she came back saying "I will put drip instead because you have started dilating" then I started having mixed emotions... I was scared of my prolapsed organ I felt it will prolapse more; I was nervous of how induction will feel and I was happy I'll soon meet my bundle of joy along with other feelings. The induction began at around 8am and for about 30min there were no contraction but after that contraction started at regular interval then without break and before you know it I felt the urge to push. I wanted to push but the nurse said I shouldn't... what??? I asked. I feel like pushing and you are telling me not to? wh?? she said because something is coming out and I'm trying to push it back,..i told her that iits a prolapsed organ and please dont try to push it away. I remembered i once read in this forum that prolapse at the time of birth give way to the baby and that was basically what gave me courage to try a vaginal birth with prolapse..and then i also remembered that one should also listen to his body that was what helped me most. I felt the urge to push and she insisted that i shouldnt. I told her not to worry that the prolapse will give way..I was literally teaching her her job.1..2.. pushes and I heard my baby's first cry.. the moment I've been waiting for. I had a minor stich and she blamed it on me not listening to her. I wasn't worried at all because I'm holding my baby. I stood up from labor bed scared that the prolapse will hang low but to my greatest surprise I have no noticeable prolapse. I went to the toilet to check but there was I'm 22days pp and I havent noticed any prolapse only a hard organ inside which I'm not sure what but will ask my Dr on my next appointment. I'm just glad I listen to my body!

and well done you. I am so glad that you were able to follow your heart and prove you were right to do so. I hope you have a wonderful time with your baby. Take things gradually as we r told it is 2years to completely recover from the amazing miracle of child birth.Hopefully birthing helpers will be more informed whenour daughters become mothers.I send u a heart felt virtual hug from the UK, ((())) .

That's an awesome story, very inspirational. Well done!!!

Thank you everhopeful.((()))

Thanks dear. I couldn't have done it without the help of this forum and all the members. I'm always glad I joined when I needed companion most. It gave me courage

Dear Zhrad,
Congratulations on your new baby!
It is wonderful that you took control of your experience!
What a powerful message and thankyou so much for sharing.

Best wishes,
and hugs from me also, (((Zhrad)))

Wonderful news, great post. Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy that little happy for you! - Surviving

Thanks Aussie soul sister and Surviving 60. ((()))

I promised I'll thank aging gracefully and surviving when I successfully put to bed because your advice were helpful and comforting. Here is a very big thank you from me.

You are welcome, Zhrad,
So glad to be of some help to you.