Kegels for urinary urgency?


I had my first real pelvic floor physical therapy session today. The first was really just an evaluation. And it was all kegel based as everyone told me to expect. Apparently, I cannot hold a kegel. Is there a benefit to me improving this? I know this may help with incontinence but my issue is urgency. She also suggested e stim and after reading one of Sierra's posts, this is something I may not be willing to try.

Hi Wildstrawberry,

I'm assuming that if you have urgency issues, that you may, as a consequence, have some incontinence too? Christine explains here how kegels don't help for prolapse issues but I will just say that for incontinence they can be helpful. But if you're having urgency issues without any incontinence, then no, kegels won't help.

There are also meds available for overactive bladder probs, which ''might'' help but don't know if you want to go that route.

Hi Strawberry - It looks to me like you have already gotten lots of good posts from our members about WW posture, diet, and careful emptying of the bladder.....and some first-hand notes of caution about the PT approach. Whole Woman posture will have a positive effect on your prolapse and also the urinary symptoms - not all at once, but eventually. PT won't help you move your organs to where they belong; kegels aggravate prolapse. I know you have ordered some WW materials but there is plenty on the site to get you started, so that is no reason for stalling. And for heaven's sake, no drugs (sorry Sevilla). - Surviving

I have a question re urgency. Is this the same as feeling like I need to pee (when I don't) when I lie down. I have been getting it regularly for the past month but not much before that. I know what to do to help it. I understand it's because my bladder has moved off my pubic bone. I usually find lying on my back with some rolled clothing under my lumber curve and no pillow under my head helps. It goes after an hour or so. My tummy can help but usually it's worst on my side. I try to do a few exercises before bed to help pull my organs forward most night too.

I don't kegal but am sure I am still very strong in that area and always was. No incontinence. Normal urge to pee when sitting and standing and I don't hold on as it does make me feel like I need to when I don't if my bladder gets too full, straight afterwards. I figure if my bladder gets too full it is pulling away from my public bone more.

I empty my bladder properly "loPo" position.

Hi there,
Re Kegels - I find some women really want to do them. Christine has said they need not do any harm and if not in correct positions can do some good; the toning & tightening of the vagianal canal can be good for sexual pleasure and I've found some women want to do them to make their widened vaginal passage ways narrower following child birth. If you practice kegels, then don't do them on your back, as that can worsen pop symptoms. Best position is in cat posture on a lll fours. That way your belly is held forward and your pelvic organs are protected.

Re urgency during the night. It can and usually does take time for this work to take effect. The WW posture as much as you can during your lifetime is key to this work. In time it becomes 2nd nature. Make it your 'default posture'. Daily exercises help this process. Many women find a 20' practice daily helps to improve symptoms, especially if they are in the early days, (i.e. first couple of years!). Make sure you're leaning forwards on to your feet when you eliminate on the loo, with thighs touching the loo seat but not sat fully on it. If urgency is an issue you may find it helpful to pee whilst on all fours (in the bath/shower/over a bowl) before bed. That way you may eliminate more fully prior to sleeping.

Also whoever, whenever, wherever you are remember to de-stress as much as possible. Stress exacerbates pop problems - I'm convinced of it. So many women I've encountered say stress accompanied worsening of symptoms. Of course this doesn't mean all women have this connection, but anecdotally at least it seems to me it was a factor for many of us. So - an important part of the WW way - is to be as happy as possible. What makes you genuinely healthily happy? What makes you genuinely unhealthily stressed? Try to increase the former and reduce the latter! Don't sweat the small stuff - and it's amazing how much of it is really small stuff when you think about it. Of course stressors will enter our lives, do what you can to ride the stress. Do what you can to enhance the joy… Get in touch with your stresses - and de-stress the stress as much as you can.


I totally agree that stress definitely plays a big part in my prolapse issues, but wasn't sure if stress had any effect until I read the above from wholewoman UK. Maybe diapghram breathing is what would help to distress. By the way who is wholewoman UK. Is it practitioners who write here. I have been curious for sometime as I live in UK.

Hi Surviving,

The reason I mentioned the meds for overactive bladder wasn't to suggest their use. I wouldn't do that as I'm not a healthcare professional anyway. I just mentioned that they ''exist''. I ended by saying that I didn't know if meds were a route Wildstrawberry would wish to pursue.

Just to clear up any misunderstanding.