Rectocele symptoms


Right before I have a bowl movement I can feel it push into the vaginal wall. I put a finger inside my vagina to check out what was going on and could clearly feel the bowl movement pushing up into there. I have had trouble with constipation occasionally, mostly when I have sugary foods. Are these common symptoms?

Yes, that is common and as I tend to constipation I get that a lot. Did you read Louise's post on the "loPo" position. You type in LoPo and animals in the serch box and it should come up. This will help and help avoid splinting and fear that can go with BM.

I love this "Lopo" idea! When I was in college I had major issues with constipation for about 2 years. My diet was extremely healthy, included lots of good fibrous food like fruit, veggies, grains and legumes. I was also very fit and drank tons of water. I was never really able to figure out the cause or the best way to manage it and resorted to laxatives. Pooing was always a dreadful experience during that time and I did fear having a BM. Though that was 10 years ago, I wonder if it could have set the stage for prolapse. Anyway, I will be trying Lopo asap! Thanks!

Remember also that too much fiber can be a hindrance as well as not enough.
And, I would also like to point out that even on the best diet, the bowels aren't always going to cooperate. Fluctuating hormones plays a part in this, but also the configuration of the bowels and rectum. I noticed more and more an ease of evacuation as my body became more intune with the whole woman posture. Jiggling, firebreathing, nauli, belly pumps and tosses were a great help for me also, moving and forcing everything toward the lower belly where they belong.
It's quite a wonderful feeling to just have a bowel movement without having to go through a lot of acrobatics, straining, pushing, etc. etc., but after a time it does become attainable. Something I never though would happen after the years of constipation I dealt with. It's like everything becomes all unkinked and starts moving the way it was always suppose to have, just like standing in posture.
The body remembers these things somehow when we give it a chance.