Vaginal rugae


I can see and feel the rugae on by bulges inside the opening of my vagina but as I feel further inside, I no longer feel the rugae. My gyno did say that I have some vaginal laxity. Does low estrogen due to breastfeeding cause any of this? Is it from the prolapse? Is my vaginal wall totally detached from the fascia? This discovery is really worrying me.


Hi Wildstawberry,
It is not uncommon for the vaginal rugae to thin out and seem smoother during lactation, and yes because of lower estrogen. It is even more common approaching menopause, again because of decreased estrogen. I remember my last pap asking the PA doing it if she noticed the smoothing of my rugae as I was noticing, and she said she did. I still have plenty of natural secretions though, so I am not too worried about it.
But, if you are also noticing dryness or rawness , do try some raw local honey. It feeds the natural bacteria in the vagina and makes everything feel so much better. Just a dab on the tip of the finger inserted vaginally will do the trick.
So, don't worry too much about that; another natural aspect of being a woman.

Thanks, Aging gracefully. Your knowledge and advice has been a treasure to me! I will try the honey as I am having some dryness. You mentioned in one of your posts that you did a 10 mile hike. I hope that my journey will lead me to a place where I can have that kind of strength and confidence.

You will Wildstrawberry!
I can sense your good humor and love of life in your posts. You won't let this get you down for long.
This year, my next big step is putting a back pack on and doing some hiking. I have been reading enough from Christine herself and how she describes carrying weight that I am now brave enough to give this a try. Small steps. That's what it's been for me, each small step leading into larger ones.
You will find your way too. I know you will!

AG that is interesting re the backpack. I know plenty of people are into tramping in WW posture. I am interested how the backpack works in WW posture.

Let us know how the tramping goes.

Re the rugae I can feel a little bit and that may have changed slightly now I have given up breastfeeding so that comment is interesting. It's made no difference to my prolapse just maybe changed in feel.

AG, what are you reading about carrying weight? I have a trip coming up in May. I will be carrying as little as possible this year (and I guess wearing as little as possible as a result haha) but I will need to begin slowly carrying stuff in several weeks to build up to being able to handle the trip. I will be working on my "small steps" but feel like I just need to read up now. I have until the end of May. The trip is an annual tradition, is booked a year in advance AND my favorite thing. I thoroughly look forward to it every year but am worried about it this year since POP :-( Truth be known, I will probably be getting engaged on the trip this year. - Sierra (formerly known as "The Pack Mule" )

It's just the dynamics of prolapse that Christine talks about all the time. When weight-loaded from above, the dynamics of pelvic organ support are increased, if you are in correct helps close off the vagina into an airless space. Carry it close to your body. - Surviving

S60, I get all of that, I was just wondering if AG is reading something other than that?

Hi Activeandlapsed,
Yes, that is going to be the challenge for me. Getting into and maintaining posture with a pack on. I am lucky my hubby is really helping me work on trying to get this thing comfortable for me.
The biggest challenge right now is weight distribution. We put the air mattress in the bottom of the pack and it just pushed my hips forward and I could really feel a pull on my pelvic region. So we adjusted that by putting the heavier items higher. We are also working on adjusting the pack properly above the hips, any lower I feel the pull again.
I have a heavier pack right now, but may end up getting a lighter one if this thing takes with me.
Our first hike with back pack will be a short one in with an overnight and back out.
We have this beautiful place where I live we called the kettles. It's a place here in Wisconsin where the glaciers just settled in and melted creating a beautiful yet rugged place to travel by foot. We have been hiking it for years, so I am accustomed to the hills and valleys.
Now it's time for the next step: backpacking. Wish me luck.