Pregnant with severe rectocele reassurance needed please!!


Hi, I've just joined this forum and would really love to heAr from anyone who has been in a similar situation, ie a rectocele that was really bad during pregnancy. I first noticed rectocele about 6 months after my second baby (pushed for 2 or 3 hours in a not great reclined position in birth pool). I was pretty freaked out at first but it quickly lifted back up and I've not really noticed it for the last 2 years apart from when I have particularly exerted myself. But last week I went skiing, and I'm about 12 w pregnant. I spent the first 2 days teaching my toddler to ski and it was way to much for my body and at the end of the second day I noticed the prolapse was back but this time coming outside about an inch or 2 :( and now a week on its back inside and less noticeable but I am pretty freaked out about giving birth. I work as a doula so have seen many amazing births and really understand and trust the birth process but I'm so worried about how, psychologically I'll be able to let go enough to give birth. I instinctively feel that I need to make sure I don't actively push like last time and just let my body do it, which to me means I need to be at home with almost no one around, and that I need to be squatting or leaning forwards for the last bit, but I'm still worried about it. anyone who's done it before, what happens to the rectocele when you are in the throws of labour, if it comes out then will it get in the way? Or damage my rectum? :( I dont know anyone else who's had this experience so hopefully someone here will of and can reassure me!

Hi Trina and welcome,
We have had many mothers who have been able to have multiple births while having prolapse.
The important thing really here is that after you have your baby you start working on Whole woman posture. Whole Woman work while you are still healing from having your baby can be very beneficial in alleviating your symptoms.
Remember also that it can take up to two years to heal after having a baby, so it really is the perfect time to incorporate whole woman posture into your life.
The best thing to do now is start to get yourself familiar with Christine's work. Have you had a chance to read around on this site, apart from the forum?
Christine has done extensive research on prolapse and has brought to us the correct posture we were always meant to be in.
Please read around to get a good idea of what Christines message is and how whole woman can help you.
You can also use the search function to look up some of the stories from our mothers about prolapse during pregnancy and their experiences.
Wishing the best for you.

Hi Dear Trina,
I developed rectocele during my 2nd pregnancy and had a third bigger baby - the rectocele offered no problems during labour. It just gets out of the way.

In hindsight if I had known or understood nature better, I would have chosen a water birth on all fours, being gentle on the pushing process. At least any complications I had & outcomes could have been improved upon.
There are many threads on womens' experiences with childbirth and pregnancy and Christine's blog/ research articles have a wealth of information and the background to WW.

Michael Odent MD is a former gyneo/surgeon who is now an author - he is featured on Christine's WW home page. He is supportive of the WW approach and has taken another path to more natural approach to womens' health and birth.

WW is a journey - I found it later in life but even though I have challenges every now and then, the benefits far outweigh any other approach, and I usually find a solution because of heightened WW intuition, in every area of my life.

Beat wishes,
Aussie Soul Sister