Rectal Intussusception Prolapse & large rectocele


Hi Everyone, I am new here! I have been suffering from rectal prolapse and large rectocele since the birth of my son 3 and half years ago, I had a difficult vaginal birth and had a medio-lateral episiotomy! Since then ive been diagnosed with pelvic floor dyssynergia, spams, prolapse, fissures, rectocele, rectal ulcers! (all these effects my bladder).
I had THD laser surgery about 2 yrs ago in the rectum to reduce inflammation and prolapse in the rectum, it did nothing....the reason why i went for it as i couldnt take the prolapse anymore, its taking over my life...i would stand up and it would come out of my rectum, at time i would eat or drink something and the abdominal movement pressure would occur and prolapse would also come out,...i would feel constant abdominal discomofrt and when i feel the pulling down sensation and severe pressure, tissue would prolapse and i couldnt stand up....this led to fecal incontinence also....
i have been doing my kegals and fixing my posture but constantly but i am having abdominal bloating and discomfort from when i wake up, i feel intense rectal pressure like everything has just dropped down and trying to have a bowel movement is a nightmare..i break into cold sweats...i see the rectal wall folding inside out and the stool is stuck, on top of that the rectocele bulge is so big i feel like its going to rip through my perenium...
All this leads to severe constipation and bouts of diarrhea...I did not know having one child would mess me up like auntys and grandmothers etc all had atleast 3 to 10 children and they have no issues...Has anyone gone through this...ive been told i should wait till my son is 5yrs old for surgery..thats still in another 1 and half years...i dont think i can take it controls my life from when i wake up to when i sleep...I am trying to stay positive but it is hard sometimes!
Thanks for listening :-)

hi nubianqueen. I'm also new here and I don't think I can say much on your post.. but I'm happy that you found the site because it is very educative and supportive.. you'll find most of your worries tackled by old members who are more familiar with prolapses, I think you'll need to wait a little for their replies..wish you a successful recovery.

Hi nubianqueen,
Welcome to whole woman. If your organs can be pulled forward into and toward your lower belly, your symptoms could be alleviated to some point, but you've got a lot going on there, so I couldn't really say how much. You could start by just doing gentle posture work and breathing into a relaxed lower belly instead of the chest like so many of us have become accustomed to.
But, I wouldn't feel comfortable in telling you to just throw yourself into the whole woman work. I think a consult with Christine would be a good idea with everything you have going on there, and see if she has some practical suggestion for you in your particular situation.
Wishing you well.

Hi and welcome. I agree with Aging Gracefully that some of your issues are a little bit much for us ladies to comment on. Christine understands better than anyone, how all these things might be connected and how best to deal, so a consult with her might be in order. Gentle WW postural work is of course good for virtually every woman. It's the laser surgery that is the biggest unknown for me, not understanding how that might have affected the pelvic dynamics overall. You can use the search box above left, to look for posts on intussusception, as I know there have been many. - Surviving

I also have rectal intusseception and rectocele. It sounds like your prolapse is a full thickness external prolapse if it leaves the anal canal. Apparently mine only just enters the anal canal upon defecation but I have tremendous pressure to the point I feel as if I could push out my bottom. I feel it more when I'm stood upright in one postion. Walking allievates things. I am 10 months post partum so I'm holding on to hope that I could still improve but I do get my negative days when I lose any hope I had of ever feeling comfortable again.

I've already been offered surgery, LVMR procedure but reading through some of the posts on here, surgery on this area can bring about new problems. As I'm only 35, it's very likely I'd need to have surgery again at a later stage. I'm keen to put this off which is why I have joined this forum to learn the whole woman way. I know you have probably tried this already but Movicol has helped me tremendously with emptying along with having a stool to place my feet on.

Do you know why you were told to wait 5 years?

Thank you everyone for your helpful and encouraging replies!
I will start doing the posture and breathing through my lower belly..
I have been told to take epsolm salt (magnesium) every night when needed, just one tsp...the taste is gross but it helps at times...i want to stay away from laxatives tho as i have mis-used them and dont want to be dependent on them...i take benefibre about 3 times a day and i take aloe vera daily.

@Maxhar - I know exactly how you feel, the prolapse comes out during bowel movements, it does not come out randomly anymore although as u said it feels like ur rectum is going to fall out from the intense pressure...i have to press in certain areas to let gas out and sometimes the rectocele makes me pee so much...
the gastrologist said this stuff takes along time to get better because its an area that never rests, always being used with digestion and going to the bathroom...
i need to keep up with my kegals and use a stool under my feet..
i am only 31yrs old and i only have one child. my husband isnt bothered if i dont want any more kids..he doesnt want to put pressure on me since he has seen me suffer so much.

I think she said 5 yrs as by then she said rectal prolapses can improve significantly if kegals and posture are practiced religiously...she said im too young right now for surgery and with only one child to be sure im done with kids...

Its re-assuring to know im not the only one suffering, just have to be positive and know there will be improvement along the way :-)

Hi nubianqueen,
Those kegels you are doing my be working against you rather than being a benefit, pulling your organs more into the vagina and way from the lower belly where the really belong.
Here is one of the many articles Christine has written on kegels:

Please do exercise caution with practicing whole woman, and as we have said before, a consult may be in order.
We are not medical professionals here, so please don't take our advice as such.

I understand what you mean by laxatives but movicol is not a stimulant laxative and is safe to use every day. It draws water and allows stool to become soft and well formed. It really is a life saver. I'm not sure where you're based but I have seen a colorectal consultant in the UK who specializes in the pelvic floor and he said kegals will not improve the prolapse but getting better muscle tone will help with emptying. For example, I have a non existent push due to weak muscles so kegels may help with this.

The laproscopic ventral mesh rectopexy operation is relatively new for prolapse surgery and was invented by a surgeon in Bristol, UK. I have been offered it already but have been told it is wise to wait. There are days when I just want to go ahead but I've read so many horror stories. For me, the heaviness is my persisting symptom and standing for more than 5 minutes is uncomfortable. I've seen little improvement in 10 months so I'm pretty fed up. Here's hoping for more healing.

@Aging Gracefully - Yes i think your right, I have to watch out how much i do my kegals..sometimes they help and sometimes they make the pressure worse.
I have started to do whole woman posture, with my lower belly hanging forward and i feel a bit of relief on my pelvic floor, the pressure has been liften off my rectum...and i knew when to have a bowel movement as the pressure was noticeable and not confusing to me..
I will continue with this but be cautious as well..thank you.

@ maxhar - The rectal surgeon that did the transanal laser surgery for me said to just stick to psyllium husk but sometimes the stool is too big and thats a disaster for ive stuck to benefibre and epsolm salt...i have taken movicol and miralax so much....when i did the colonoscopy they found pigmentation in my colon from over use of laxatives since my sons birth..
i am in south florida USA at the moment...i have seen pelvic floor therapist and i have paper work to refer to with how many kegals to do and when and not to lift heavy things and to walk everyday etc etc etc... i have involuntary pushing and kegals help with emptying for me also..
ive been told to do my kegals sitting down with my knees higher then my hips...leaning forward with my elbows on my knees...
when did you have your child and how many do u have if u dont mind me asking...
i did not know having one child would do this to me...i feel its selfish of me for not wanting to give my son a brother or sister sometimes..
Hope your coping well!