The uti that wouldn't die?!


Since I have had urinary urgency starting 2 months ago, I have had 4 urine cultures done. The 1st had a very small amount of bacteria and a few white blood cells. Treated it with uva ursi and the 2nd culture came back negative. The 3rd culture came back similar to the 1st and I was treated with macrobid. The last culture has some bacteria but no red or white blood cells? The bacteria is group b strep, by the way. Is this really an infectiion? I believe that my urgency, which is the only symptom, is all related to prolapse since it never went away. Has anyone ever had a similar experience? Before this, I never had a uti and would prefer to not use antibiotics again since I am breastfeeding. Die uti, die! (If it really is a uti, that is.)

Hi Wildstrawberry,
Yes, some of our ladies have experienced recurrent bladder infections with their prolapse. Complete emptying is really important at this point. I know easier said than done when you are so early into this work. You can do this though by leaning forward off the toilet seat slightly to tip your bladder to get complete emptying, often referred to as tipping the bucket. Another way is to go on all fours in the shower or over a basin.
You may have to do the latter to really get a complete emptying until you can really start getting the posture work down.
Have you gotten your materials yet? Christine explains these things so very well.

p.s. You may have to take the antibiotics though, if the infection gets worse. Sometimes that's the only route to get rid of the bacteria, and then get into the practice of good emptying again.

Thanks for the advice once again! The leaning forward is helping me to get a fuller stream. I did get the materials and have started the First Aid beginning workout and some of the advanced workout. I am feeling some relief as the workout goes on and for a bit afterwards, all proof that there is great potential to get those organs in the right space. WWW works!!!

Remember that this isn't an exercise program as such. The key element is the posture itself. Make sure you understand it and are holding it not just while exercising, but all day. It will come! - Surviving

So glad you can pee, Wildstrawberry!! That is such a relief, isn't it! All these great techniques right in Christine's work for us all to take advantage of and benefit so much from!!

Hi Wildstrawberry,
You may be over your infection now but there are a few recent posts on here about baths in epsom salts with apple cidar vinegar or similar, coconut oil. There is also a recent one where Christine popped on and said she sprays some vinegar (and water mix I think) down there if there is any sign of an infection. I always pop some apple cidar vinegar in my bath with ES and coconut oil (and my 2 year old - who probably pees in the bath too). I don't get infections now I have the toilet thing down so you may not either. All the best.

Thanks again for all of the great advice from everyone! I will try the vinegar and coconut oil bath! I am getting better at the posture and am even catching myself naturally in posture at times. I am finding that the workouts are an extension of the posture and the exercises are a means of accentuating it. I have been doing 2 workouts of the First Aid dvd including everything up until the advanced part 3. My posture definitely needs more work before I can move on. Is 2 workouts too much? Is it possible to overdo pelvic rocks, nauli or fire breathing for instance? Will adding in a yoga dvd benefit at this point? I want to do everything I can to be confident with this new posture and new way of being.

Hi Wildstrawberry,
It's too much if you end up hurting yourself, so please do use caution with the exercise programs. I always considered myself fairly fit, but I was a little too overzealous in the beginning with the turnout exercises. Because I was not used to doing them, I ended up really straining one of my knees.
And, also remember that the dvds are meant to strengthen your muscle and lengthen your body into posture, but trying to hold the posture throughout the day is what is most important in all of this.
As far as the other DVDs go, I have all of them, and love all of them! I usually do a dvd daily and I love having that variety, plus they all give me such a wonderful stretching for my whole body.

Whole Woman walking is also a great way to work on those posture principles that are so important.

So really just pay attention to your body and how any of this feels as you go along. If you feel a twinge, slow down. Pain is not gain here, but time and patience is. That's where the results come from.