Post Partum Urethrocele


Hi Everyone,
I'm new here and have been digging round to find out as much as I can, I guess I feel so isolated and its such a great site because that awful fearful feeling of being alone really disappears when
I check in at WW.
I guess I'm just looking to loop in and learn, for a bit of support and advice.
A bit about me- I've got a three year old and a ten week old, and I've ended up with a urethrocele. it feels like ive got a tampon on low but that feeling comes and goes. its worse first thing in the morning though it seems to be highest when i wake. I
My period returned quite early, just on the weekend at my sons' ten week mark, and I'm breastfeeding my youngest very often. Do urethroceles get worse around menstruation for anyone?
Previously I've always felt very strong, but i feel wrecked by this! I'm scared everday of making this worse and it seems to be so up and down- literally- that i cant tell if it IS getting worse? i really need to exercise, its impacting my mental health! on that, ive got pnd and am seeing a therapist for it, though i do feel like the cele is mostly to blame as my boys are awesome and im otherwise ok....
Aside from just the symptoms how do you actually check yours, and log the descent?
I've been given an ok by the pt Im seeing to do 30 mins of walking every day, but she was hesitant- so how bad can a urethrocele actually get?
i've also had weird stinging inside the vagina that doesnt seem localised or consistent, and some strange nervy pain around my clitoris- is this a thing?
i had an unassisted vb with a small graze perineal trauma/no stitches.

would love to hear from any of you if you get the chance- i dont knowanyone who has had a urethrocele only my friend who had a rectocele and we csnt really compare notes-
all the best Frankensigh.

Hi frankensigh and welcome,
We have many new mothers come here with some form of prolapse, and once they start to do this work, really see the benefits of whole woman. The whole woman posture is what you need to start studying up on and working on, because it will pull your pelvic organs out of the vaginal space and into the lower belly, helping to alleviate your symptoms.
Go to the tool bar on top to get you started. Also go to the whole woman store. Saving the Whole Woman book has loads of great information about what your body is going through. She also has dvds and online course that are specific for the post partum moms, although we can all benefit from them.
Remember also that it takes up to two years for your body to heal itself after having a baby.
You have plenty of time to take this at your own pace, don't feel rushed by any of this. It is a process that we will be doing for a lifetime, and there are so many benefits along the way.

Thirty minutes of walking a day would be excellent if you can swing it. But you must be in good Whole Woman posture, and your PT is not teaching you this. Please do check around the site and familiarize yourself with what we do here. What you are experiencing is extremely common. Here are a couple of things to watch:

Good luck and hope to hear back from you - Surviving

Thanks so much Ladies! Even hearing from the community is a help. The links are fantastic too, I've been so on edge about missing my pilates classes that this will really be of great use!
I'll keep in touch with any progress I make, I've ordered saving the whole woman book!
Colossal blessings to you both. X

I am about 6 months post-partum, and I'm new to the site and the diagnosis (rectocele, cystocele, and uterine prolapse--go big or go home, right??). Anyway, I am still navigating all the emotional and physical manifestations of this myself, and I agree--it is a roller coaster ride. However, I have the same exact symptoms that you described, especially in the clitoral region. I am just getting started with the program, but already simple posturing has helped. I have had the same mental clouding: Unable to exercise and going stir crazy. I thrived on exercise as a means for stress release prior to having my little one, and now I am having to learn new techniques for physical activity and stress management. This site is a wonderful medium for connecting and getting new ideas for managing life with these conditions. I am sending you a cyber hug and loving energy. I hope things settle for you soon. Be well. :-)

For responses, go to ILRaJ@30's discussion here:

I'm so sorry your going through this. I have to say I have finally found someone that has the same symptoms as me! I have been wondering about the sharp pain in my clitoris and cannot find a friend to talk to that knows what I'm talking about. I have stage 2 bladder prolapse and have been so depressed lately. I too use to thrive on exercise and have been stir crazy. I have been walking and my prolapse is getting worse since I started. Any advice out there? I do the first aid to prolapse everyday. Just the beginner workouts right now. Also working on posture 24/7. My son is almost 2, 30lbs and i have to pick him up a lot. I'm getting worse.

Hi Rogdonk - You might want to consider getting your posture checked by booking a session with a practitioner. You haven't mentioned how long you have been working on posture; you shouldn't be getting worse, but likewise you aren't necessarily going to see instant most significant improvements happened after I'd passed the one year mark. A bladder prolapse is quite manageable if you give yourself a chance. Firebreathing is an important tool to learn. When you exercise, make sure you are staying in posture, and you might want to branch out to some WW yoga as well. Practice good lifting techniques. Walking is the best thing you can do, but it must be very mindful at first, with all elements of posture being considered. When you are feeling especially symptomatic, get down on hands and knees and just let your organs hang comfortably in the belly; this should feel very good and this is the dynamic you want to preserve when you are upright. - Surviving