How do you sit in an office chair with "the posture"


Any suggestions on how you sit in an office chair with "the posture" now I ve gone back to work
How do I change my 9 month olds nappy in "the posture"
How do I garden in "the posture"

I m really after some functional advice.

Sitting in an office chair: Sit forward on the edge of the seat, not with your back against the backrest. Preferably your knees will be just a little lower than your thighs, your feet flat (kick off those high heels). I like to sit with my knees wide and place a cushion directly under my pelvic bone, because in this position that is what I am essentially sitting on.
Nappy; How high is baby? If you have a change table, baby is usually above hip height. This has its difficulty as you are not bending at the hips over your tummy but bending around the area of your shoulder blades if you stand at the head. I find it easier to stand alongside the change table and I don't need to bend my back at all. If you are changing baby on the bed then again it is a matter of putting baby further out of reach so that you can bend from your hips over your tummy. If you are using pull-ups or nappies like pants, you can stand baby while you sit and just pull down and off and then pull the new lot up. Wiping and putting on cream is not so easy via this method, but a couple of times during the day you could miss those as long as baby's bum is not red.
Gardening: Weeding and planting can be done on your knees. Light digging, can be done easily with a lady's hoe, otherwise the mattock. Maintaining posture should not prove a problem with cutting hedges and the like.

Yes - good advice! Just to add, it often takes time to build up the relevant muscles to be able to be in WW posture for prolonged lengths of time. It takes time, patience and practice. I often suggest developing the habit of making the WW posture 'the default posture', so even if your WW posture has disappeared for a while for whatever reason, you bring your body back into the posture whenever you remember to.
Best wishes, wholeowmanuk

Annie May, once this posture has "taken over", the adjustments you need to make throughout your day will become more or less self-evident to you. So I hope you are doing the work and retraining your body to hold yourself this way automatically. There will always be times when you will need to fall out of posture briefly in order to accomplish a task. But once this has become second nature, you won't have to think about it all the time (I was into my second year before I got to this point). And you can adjust practically any task to be more prolapse-friendly. - Surviving

I find kneeling really hard as I have had a knee op and I just can't kneel any more, I did an hours weeding 2 days ago and boy did things pop out. Any suggestions as how to get round the problem, as I have just taken over a half acre plot that is very overgrown.

Hi tit willow - I have seen things that you can sit on, low to the ground where you can sort of wheel yourself around. I don't know how easy they are to use. If you can't maintain WW posture doing this, then you will simply have to be even more dlligent the rest of the time.....that's how it usually works! - Surviving